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Florida’s Supreme Court Levels the Playing Field.

“That the power to tax involves the power to destroy … [is] not to be denied” – Supreme Court Justice John Marshall. Florida’s Constitution is one of only a few that recognizes a landowner should not be put in a worse position after a condemnation than before. Full compensation, as the Constitution requires, includes attorneys […]

Back to the Future Day Special: Highways and Skyways edition

Great Scott! Today is October 21, 2015 and any of you on Twitter or Facebook have by now been buried in fun facts and comparisons making you keenly aware that it is “Back to the Future Day” – the exact date Marty McFly landed in the future. That colorful 1980s vision of 2015, complete with 3-D […]

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Eminent Domain and Mortgage Foreclosure

  Sign of the Times We live in the age of foreclosures. The courthouses are filled with pro se litigants, trying to find the proper hearing room, or showing up 20 minutes late and missing the hearing entirely. None of this has stopped Florida’s population growth and the deterioration of our roads. FDOT and other […]

FPL Moves Forward with Two Natural Gas Pipelines

Florida property owners will face eminent domain battles over two natural gas pipelines set to be built in the state, totaling approximately 340 miles. Florida Power & Light Company has awarded the bids for the construction of two new natural gas pipelines in the state of Florida.  Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC will construct a new […]