Florida Eminent Domain

New Road Project: Wekiva Parkway

In December, the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority approved the route for the long-awaited Wekiva Parkway.  This road will be the northwest leg of the beltway around Orlando, connecting SR-417 in Sanford to SR-429 in Apopka.   In addition, the project includes a connector road to SR-46 in Mount Dora (Lake County).

Public meetings were held in October in Lake, Seminole and Orange counties to inform local property owners of the planned route and to allow the public a forum for their voices to be heard regarding this project.  

The Expressway Authority will be acquiring the land necessary for this project through its power of eminent domain.  If your property is in the path of this project, the Expressway Authority or the FDOT will likely make an offer to purchase your property.  It is not mandatory that a property owner accept this offer, and in fact, landowners will often retain eminent domain professionals to assess the offer and assist with obtaining truly full compensation for the taking.

In Florida, the condemning authority is obligated to provide landowners with full compensation when they take property via eminent domain, including the value of the property taken and any damages the taking causes to the remainder of the property.  In addition to the amount paid to the landowner for the property, Florida also requires the condemning authority to pay for the landowner’s attorneys’ fees and experts’ fees.  For additional information relating to the project and its impact on your property or property rights, contact us.

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