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New Eminent Domain Publication: Property Rights

The Independent Institute has published a new book called Property Rights: Eminent Domain and Regulatory Takings Re-Examined.  Edited by Bruce L. Benson, the book is a compilation of essays about eminent domain written by property rights scholars, experts and attorneys. 

While the essays cover a range of topics, including the use of eminent domain for urban redevelopment, the valuation process and the political response to Kelo, the over-arching meta-theme of the book is the attention that Kelo attracted to the government’s power of eminent domain.   Whether one thinks Kelo to be good policy or not, it is undeniable that it sparked a widespread response from both the general population and the state legislatures.  These essays seek to analyze and explain the reactions to and effects of Kelo through the unique lenses afforded by each author’s profession and specialty. 

Property Rights is available from both Amazon and The Independent Institute.

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