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Attempting Out the AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ With 13x GTX 1070

Wij have bot playing around with the AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ motherboard for crypto mining with support for up to 13x GPUs and wij can already share some terugkoppeling based on our practice with it. So far wij have attempted running the motherboard with thirteen Nvidia GPUs of the same prototype – namely GeForce GTX 1070 under Windows and Linux. AsRock recommends that you use a mixed combination of 8 + Five GPUs under Windows and wij can confirm that wij were not able to make more than 8x GTX 1070 GPUs work decently under Windows. Adding a 9th or more movie cards makes Windows unstable and even if the driver gets decently installed spil soon spil wij run a miner the system freezes, running numerous instances of miners on just a few cards each does not help. With Linux-based mining distributions however wij had no trouble running the motherboard just fine with all 13x Nvidia GPUs out of the opbergruimte.

Running 13x GPUs on a single motherboard brings up a loterijlot of potential problems with you connecting everything up and making it work. It does require more space than a regular equipment designed for just 6 to 8 GPUs, even tho’ wij actually managed for squeeze 12x GTX 1070 GPUs ter such a equipment for the sake of testing only, the last card wasgoed a bit too much however, so it remained on the top of the framework. Again this setup wasgoed just for testing things up and not for a production mining equipment that will run 24/7, so make sure you have a larger framework for 13x GPUs when using the AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ motherboard.

Spil expected the power supply is one of the fattest issues with 13x GPU mining equipment and more specifically the number of available connectors that are needed to provide power to the GPUs and the PCI-E extenders. Wij have used a 2000W Leadex power supply that has slew of connectors and even then they were not enough for all the GPUs. 12 of the GTX 1070 cards were with a single 8-pin PCI-E power and only the 13th wasgoed with a single 8-pin and 6-pin power connector…

Even the 2000W Leadex PSU does not have that many 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, not to mention the need of SATA/Molex power connectors for the extenders vanaf power line to be on the safe side. You are looking at ondergrens two power supplies with enough power connectors and attempt to avoid using power splitting cables, bijzonder from maybe a 2nd 12V CPU line that can be securely used for provide one or two toegevoegd PCI-E power connectors (depending on the PSU). Going for movie cards that have two PCI-E power connectors or need more than about 150W of power is not a wise thing for this motherboard spil things will get even more complicated.

There were some concerns regarding the PCI-E connectors on the motherboard placed too close to each other and possibly shorting when you insert the PCI-E extenders te them. It seems however that this is actually not an kwestie, even with connectors being riskily close and pushing them by forearm they are still not shorting – the USB connectors are saving the day by touching each other and preventing cut-offs. Still with the varying type and size of USB cables used with PCI-E extenders it will still be wise to waterput some insulation gauze on the back of the puny PCI-E boards that go into the PCI-E slots just to be on the safe side.

AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ comes pre-configured te the BIOS and is ready to embark mining without any extra switches needed from the users. Of course you might still want to enable the automatic Power On function after power loss for example and do some minor tweaks yourself, but even if you just install the GPUs and turn on the power it should work out of the opbergruimte. This is truly significant thing for mining motherboards to make the life of miners lighter and not to have them go through many settings and switch them te order to make thing work decently for more GPUs.

Spil already mentioned wij were not able to get more than 8x Nvidia GTX 1070 GPUs work decently under Windows and at the same time wij did not have any trouble with some Linux-based mining distributions wij have attempted. So 8 + Five GPUs of different kinds (Nvidia/AMD) under Windows, but no 13x of the same zuigeling seems to be possible for the uur, at least not out of the opbergruimte and with any of the tweaks wij have attempted to make things work. With Linux no problems with just 6 or 8 or the total house with 13x GPUs, all worked just fine and mined without problems. You can attempt the KopiemTu Linux mining distribution, or the more latest nvOC distribution. While for Linux-based 13x AMD GPU mining equipments you might want to attempt the ethOS Mining OS or the more latest rxOC distribution.

Wij are yet to attempt using the AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ motherboard With 13x AMD GPUs, but wij are expecting to see the same problem under Windows spil with the Nvidia GPUs and a problem free practice when using a Linux-based mining distribution or if you manage to install Linux yourself and make it usable for mining (this usually requires more advanced users). While a mixed setup of AMD and Nvidia GPUS user Windows may seem like an interesting idea wij are not that much ventilatoren of such setups spil te our opinion they are more prone to potential problems. Still feel free to proefneming and attempt it out yourselves even with a mixed setup of GPUs if you insist on staying on Windows and using 13x GPUs.

The use of the AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ crypto mining motherboard seems to present more challenges and with the shortages of GPUs and other hardware it can be even more difficult to build decently a 13x GPU mining equipment. Still it offers an interesting chance for miners that are building AMD Ethereum mining equipments or Nvidia ones with the mid-range cards such spil GTX 1060 or GTX 1070. The only problem at the ogenblik with this particular motherboard is that it is nowhere to be found at the recommended prices and at the places you can buy it is at speculative price that is pretty much dual than what it should normally cost. The speculative high price can be a overeenkomst breaker spil well for many users that are considering using this motherboard for 13x GPU mining equipments.

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Wij Got Our Arms on an AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ 13x GPU Mining Moitherboard

Thanks to AsRock wij already have a sample of their fresh H110 Professional BTC+ crypto mining motherboard with 13 PCI-E slots for testing, so you can expect a review soon. The motherboard should commence appearing on the market sometime zometeen this month, so it is not yet available te the retail channel. It is a indeed interesting vormgeving and certainly something that AsRock had to do te order to “show muscle” after the competition ter the crypto mining motherboard space commenced to warmth up with shortages of the hugely popular AsRock H81 Professional BTC and other brands like Biostar announcing numerous fresh mining motherboards.

The AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ motherboard is pretty interesting with the 13 PCI Express slots available for use with movie cards with the help of PCI-E extenders, but this also comes with some challenges. Originally wij got information that the motherboard should work out of the opbergruimte with 13 GPUs under Windows and Linux, and albeit that might be true indeed there seem to be some limitations. It seems that the 8x GPU limit is still a problem, however you should be able to run 8x AMD with 5x NVIDIA GPUs under Windows, but not all 13 from the same type out of the opbergruimte (it could still be possible to overcome this limitation). For Linux users 13x GPUs do not seem to be a problem or at least thirteen ADM GPUs with the ethOS mining distribution.

Building a 13x GPU crypto mining equipment could also bring some other challenges including problems with the power supply or to be more precise power supplies now that there are shortages and it is hard to source higher power models. Of course it depends on the type of movie cards that you are using for your mining equipment, but ter general the fresh H110 Professional BTC+ crypto mining motherboard from AsRock seems to be more useful for builds that have mid-range GPUs and not high-end ones. Builds such spil 13x AMD Radeon RX 470/480 or RX 570/580 that use single PCI-E power connector or Nvidia GTX 1060/1070 again with a single PCI-E power connector (sub-200W power usage) seem more reasonable.

Imagine what a challenge it will be if you want to build a mining equipment with 13x Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti GPUs. At 250W for 100% TDP vanaf card you are looking at 3250W of power required just for the movie cards, there are simply not much options for dual PSU setups that can treat that, so it is more at least a three power supplies setup. Te this configuration it is not just the power requirements, but also the number of PCI-E power connectors that you would need for the movie cards. You would need 13x 8-pin PCI-E power connectors and 13x 6-pin PCI-E power connectors, then also 13x 4-pin Molex connectors for the PCI-E extenders. You also need to be careful not to overcharge any of the power lines of the power supplies by connecting too much components on to a single cable.

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AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ With 13 GPUs Under Windows and Linux

While AsRock has not yet released for sale their fresh motherboard AsRock H110 Voor BTC+ With 13 GPU support wij already got confirmation that it is working with 13 movie cards for mining under Linux and Windows. The sale of the fresh Voor BTC+ mining motherboard will most likely not embark before next month, but wij already hope to be able to get an in-depth review hopefully by the end of this month or early next month.

Running 13 GPUs on a single mining equipment might be a bit of a challenge spil it is not only the motherboard that needs to provide you with the base, but you also need to take care of other hardware spil well. Hardware such spil power supplies that will treat 13 GPUs, wij are talking about numerous PSUs for sure. There are also other possible challenges associated with more GPUs such spil higher requirement towards the memory/interchange spil well spil maybe even quicker CPU to treat extra fountain coming from the mining software.

Wij have seen proof of 13 AMD GPUs running on the AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ motherboard under Linux using the ethOS distribution for mining spil well spil 13 Nvidia GPUs recognized and working under Windows Ten. Wij are yet to confirm this ourselves by testing the motherboard, but what wij are watching spil results already is reassuring that wij are going to get a real and working solution for more GPUs vanaf mining equipment than what is presently available ter terms of 6, 7 and even 8 GPU mining motherboards. Since the AsRock H110 Professional BTC+ motherboard is designed with crypto mining te mind it should be effortless and problem free to setup, unlike some other motherboards that people are using at the ogenblik that need some special settings or tweaks ter order to make them work with more movie cards than they are originally designed for.

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