General Hospital Daily Recap for Tuesday, April Trio, 2018

Curtis met with Nina at Kelly’s and asked who she wished him to investigate. “Peter August,” she said, handing overheen a opstopping. She dreamed him to “do some digging” and prove that she had nothing to worry about, spil Peter had bot spending a loterijlot of time with Maxie. He wondered what Valentin thought, and Nina admitted that he thought that she wasgoed overreacting, which she hoped wasgoed true. Curtis wondered if Nina’s problem with Peter wasgoed that he simply wasn’t Nathan. “That’s ninety-nine procent the problem,” she replied.

Nina continued that she desired to make sure that there were no skeletons ter Peter’s wc that could “speelgoedpop out and hurt my family.” She glided a check for five-thousand dollars across the table, hoping it would persuade Curtis to take the job. After looking at the check, he instantaneously agreed to take the job and asked where she desired him to embark. She suggested he embark with the “untraceable money wiring. I want to know everything.”

Maxie leisurely walked into the police station and looked towards Nathan’s old desk, noticing the Crimson Sox steekmug instead of Nathan’s Yankees steekmug. Ned approached and made sure she wasgoed all right. She admitted that it wasgoed the very first time she’d bot to the station since Nathan died. Jordan greeted Maxie, glad to see hier there for the ceremony honoring Nathan. Ned wondered if Maxie desired to skip the presentation, but she insisted that she wasgoed proud that Nathan wasgoed receiving the Medal of Valor, and he would be too. Ned suggested hier an arm, and the three walked off to the ceremony.

A brief while straks, Maxie, Ned, and Jordan returned to the lounge after the ceremony, and Maxie had Nathan’s medal. Jordan sang Nathan’s praises and assured Maxie that hier onderbrak wasgoed always open for Maxie. Ned collective the same sentiment, and the two walked away. Maxie walked overheen to Nathan’s old desk and sat down. Pursue entered and began to request why someone wasgoed sitting at his desk, until he realized who it wasgoed.

Pursue apologized, but Maxie understood his very first instinct. Pursue had heard that he had “big boots to pack,” and Maxie agreed. He voiced sympathy for hier loss, and they formally introduced themselves to one another. Maxie informed him that Nathan cared a lotsbestemming about people, and “he talent more than he got.” If Pursue wished to pack Nathan’s boots, she instructed him to be kleintje, generous, and trustworthy. She took one last look at the desk and left.

Griffin entered Peter’s office, and Peter wondered if there wasgoed a problem with his test results. Griffin informed him that there wasgoed a problem on his paperwork and accused him of lounging about his name. “You’re Henrik Faison,” Griffin stated. Peter thought that Griffin had made a mistake, but Griffin admitted that he’d done a DNA test. Peter accused Griffin of violating his privacy, “not to mention the Hippocratic Oath, and the law.” However, Griffin informed Peter that he’d witness the lives shattered by Faison, and Peter wasgoed complicit.

Griffin continued that, while he’d gone against “every code I honor,” he believed that Faison’s victims’ need to heal trumped Peter’s right to privacy. Griffin urged Peter to turn himself te, but Peter thought that Faison would “win” if he did. He’d attempted to be like his father, but “the evil didn’t take,” so he’d defied Faison. He’d chosen to be te Port Charles to look after Faison’s victims, and to attempt to make amends. Even so, he knew that whatever he did to help would never be enough.

Griffin advised Peter to tell Faison’s victims what he’d just said, but Peter knew that no one would care or believe that Peter hadn’t bot te on his father’s schemes. Peter knew that he wasn’t blameless, but he’d cracked ties with his father to attempt to make things right. “What good is it if no one knows who you are?” Griffin wondered. “I know,” Peter answered. He continued that he had friends and responsibilities ter town, and he wasgoed different from Faison. Just then, Maxie knocked on the office wegens but barged ter anyway.

Maxie talked about the progress she’d made that day, but she soon realized that she’d interrupted something intense. Griffin excused himself, citing that he had a loterijlot of thinking to do. When he wasgoed gone, Maxie apologized for interrupting, but Peter insisted that she wasgoed always welcome. She told him about the ceremony for Nathan, and how she’d bot nice to Pursue “instead of screaming that he’s alive and Nathan isn’t.” Peter sincerely agreed that she’d made progress, and Maxie agreed that there wasgoed hope for hier yet.

Te the kunst therapy slagroom, Vrachtvrij wasgoed painting a picture of a long, dark stairwell when Elizabeth entered. She talent him Jake’s painting of “sunset at the lake,” because Jake had wished Vrachtvrij to see it. She tearfully added that Jake missed Vrachtvrij. Vrachtvrij asked Elizabeth to tell Jake that Vrachtvrij knew that he’d made mistakes, and he wasgoed doing everything he could to fix them. Elizabeth wondered how things were going with Kevin, but Vrachtvrij admitted that he hadn’t seen Kevin. Upset, she informed him that he needed to vertoning hier that he wasgoed serious about figuring out his past, and she left.

Moments straks, Kevin entered having expected to see Vrachtvrij ter his office at some point. Vrachtvrij claimed that he’d bot busy, but Kevin observed that Vrachtvrij didn’t look busy. A few minutes straks, they entered Kevin’s office. Kevin wondered why Vrachtvrij wasgoed avoiding digging into his past. Vrachtvrij thought of himself spil a “ticking time bomb,” but he knew he had to examine all of his past. He dreamed to justify Elizabeth’s faith te him, but he wasgoed horrified to lose hier.

Kevin dreamed to talk about the fright attack Vrachtvrij had had with Jim. Vrachtvrij told Kevin what had happened, and that he’d just frozen. He still believed that Jim wasgoed hiding something but suggested that maybe Jim had told the truth. Kevin thought that Vrachtvrij should consider hypnotherapy. “Hell no,” Vrachtvrij replied. Kevin informed Vrachtvrij that he would most likely never get out of the place he wasgoed unless he attempted it. “I’m te,” Vrachtvrij said after a brief pause. “I need to know what happened to matter what. Let’s do it.”

Jason entered the hospital and found Finn. He wished to ask Finn a few questions about the night Faison had died, but Finn replied that he’d transferred Faison’s care once he’d bot admitted to the hospital. Jason wondered if Finn had noticed anything out of the ordinary around Faison. “Besides kicking you out of the slagroom?” Finn answered. He made sure that Jason’s digging for answers wouldn’t affect Anna. He continued that only he and Cindy, the nurse, had bot around Faison.

Jason asked about Faison’s individual effects. Finn answered that Cindy wasgoed known for being “by the book,” so they’d very likely followed Faison to his slagroom. He concluded that whoever had taken overheen for Finn most likely had more insight, and he walked away. On his way out, Jason bumped into Elizabeth who wondered why Jason wasgoed there. He updated hier on his conversation with Finn, and Elizabeth suggested to voeling someone who would know about the whereabouts of Faison’s private effects. Elizabeth sent off a quick text, and Jason turned to leave.

Elizabeth stopped Jason from leaving and informed him that Vrachtvrij had moved out. He refused to offerande hier any sympathy and informed hier that his stance on Vrachtvrij would never switch. He just hoped that, whatever happened, Elizabeth would be all right. Elizabeth responded that she’d just reluctantly separated from the person she loved, so she wasn’t all right.

Elizabeth reminded Jason of the joy and love that Vrachtvrij and Jake collective, and she voiced hier frustration that Jason refused to attempt to understand it. She believed that love wasgoed “precious” no matter who it wasgoed from or when it wasgoed given, just like how Sam shouldn’t love Jason but did. She admitted that she’d overheard their conversation. He informed Elizabeth that Sam wasgoed taking time to figure things out for herself, and Elizabeth got defensive about Jason insinuating that she do the same. “I don’t need you to tell mij to figure out who I am or who to love, because I know both answers,” she said. Spil Jason turned to leave, Elizabeth’s phone went off. She told him that Anna had gotten Faison’s individual effects, and Jason left.

At the Ondergrondse Court restaurant, Anna informed Andre that she hadn’t had much luck narrowing down hier search for Henrik. She asked for his help, spil she felt she wasgoed te a wedloop against Jason, who would “eliminate” Henrik without hesitation. She wished to know if Henrik had any good te him. Anna and Andre went overheen a list of boarding schools to look into, and he pointed out four for hier to begin with. She thought of his help spil “invaluable,” and he agreed that that wasgoed how he thought of their friendship.

Andre wondered how things had bot with Finn, and she informed him that he’d given hier “terrible advice.” Andre looked behind Anna and got up from the table stating, “that’s my cue.” On his way out, he greeted Finn, who wasgoed mystified by Andre’s onveranderlijk “mysterious exits.” Finn and Anna exchanged petite talk, then stared at each other ter an awkward muffle. Finn excused himself to get food. “Alexis thinks he’s he effortless to talk to?” Anna muttered under hier breath, but Finn heard hier.

Finn wondered why Anna had talked about him with Alexis. She exposed that Alexis had wished to be “up vooraanzicht” with Anna, and she’d asked if it would be “stepping on my toes by dating you.” “Wow,” Finn said, and they collective another silent, awkward stare. He asked if the women had “sorted that out.” “Absolutely,” Anna replied. She exposed that she’d told Alexis to “date away,” and he nodded disappointedly.

&bull, Griffin asks Peter to prove that he’s not dangerous.

&bull, Nelle denies to back off of Carly.

&bull, Vrachtvrij fears finding out something that he doesn’t want to know.

&bull, “Your parents are dead!” Sonny yells at an upset Mike.

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