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Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining service that has suffered large scale scrutiny due to ominous and questionable business practices. Found at Hashing24.com, this webpagina wasgoed allegedly created by professionals for individuals who want to get involved with Bitcoin mining. Further asserting the falsehood of how they have bot ter operation since 2012, wij will unravel all the deceptive lies behind this crooked Bitcoin mining operation and why, through provided evidence, you should avoid this mining service at all costs.

What is Hashing24?

Hashing24 is an online Bitcoin mining service, which for a immobilized toverfee payment, will permit you create an account and have bitcoins autonomously mined on your behalf. Compared to most other cryptocurrency mining service providers wij have come across, Hashing 24 does not suggest short-term contracts but rather accentuates on providing a quality service for their investors.

A rather enticing mission statement, if truth be told, which, undoubtedly, is meant to target novice cryptocurrency investors into believing that they were fortunate enough to come across such an chance, claiming that for a puny membership toverfee coupled with a minor deposit of your hard-earned bitcoins will te turn yield high daily comes back for you the surplus of your long-lived life.

Naturally, it is difficult to say no to such an appealing offerande, which is perhaps the very reason why this service has received such enmity from investors. Those who have mistakenly invested with this deceitful mining service have beyond rallied and have voiced their negative practices across a broad number of reputable forums. Yet all their sobs of warning and help still don’t seem to deter a vast demographic of the population from avoiding this fraudulent mining operation.

Which leads us coincidentally to this Hashing24 review, where hopefully by exposing misleading market tactics and shining a light on those whose terugkoppeling should hold more value, wij can eventually have this illicit operation eradicated from existence. Among the very first minor yet questionable crimson flag wij unearthed would be how on the webpagina they keuze to have bot te operation since 2012, yet a domain search will expose that this webpagina wasgoed actually created April 29th, 2016.

How does Hashing 24 Work?

Hashing24.com operates ter a manner expectant among most other Bitcoin mining operations. Potential investors are very first required to register an account through the webpagina where they will then be prompted to determine which hashing power project they would like to get embarked with. Investors then have the capability to choose inbetween two separate plans. Among the very first project would be an original 36-month project that is presently displaying a status of “Sold Out.” Consequently investors are then only diminished to pre-order the alternative hashing project which doesn’t start until January 15th, 2018.

Whether or not this is a makeshift setback wij are uncertain, however, wij wouldn’t waterput it past thesis creators to only suggest an option that doesn’t veelzijdig into existence te the hopes that people will pre-order.

The third step to the sign up process will then require investors to further deposit their bitcoins te order to secure a secondary contract which will voorkant their expected daily ROI and provide them with more information of what they can expect with this service. The order will then get sent to BitFury, which allegedly is a mining gegevens center headquartered out of Europe.

The last two steps of the sign up process are relatively straightforward, and are fulfilled by the autonomous mining process that embarks with the clients’ desired contract, then finished when the clients receive their daily freshly mined bitcoins. Now, it should be noted that BitFury, a known associate of Hashing 24, has one malicious reputation spil a Bitcoin mining scam that should be avoided. A plain search query of “BitFury scam” will expose this truth on almost any search engine.

Hashing 24 Community Terugkoppeling

There is a stifling amount of negative terugkoppeling regarding users practice with the Hashing 24 mining service. Among the most incriminating terugkoppeling wij found came from BitcoinTalk where the evidence provided via the forum paints a vivid photo of just how deceptive and misleading of a business venture that Hashing24 truly is.

Te addition, a review on Kipicommunity takes BitcoinTalks finding one step further by highlighting both hashing24.com and BitFury spil untrustworthy and goes on to mention, “Hashing24 has not done enough to prove that its business is legitimate…strongly suggest that Hashing24 is a scam.”


Hashing24.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 47,925 spil of November 22nd, 2018, which indicates that this webpagina receives a good quantity of traffic. The majority of the visitors who visit the webpagina reside within Russia (14.83%), Hong Kong (6.82%), the United States (6.32%), Ukraine (Five.84%) and Italy (Four.21%).

Hashing24 Review Conclusion

Through the misleading characteristics found on the webpagina, the close affiliation with the well known BitFury operation and the community chatter, wij are left no other option but to advice investors to avoid this dangerous Bitcoin mining operation. Perhaps at one time this wasgoed a legitimate Bitcoin mining service, but it has bot visible that through the past year this sites standards and operational monster spil strongly declined and is spiraling out of control. Do yourself a monumental service by avoiding Hashing24 and BitFury.

Review Verdict: Hashing24 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Webpagina: Hashing24.com &, BitFury.com

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