KuCoin Shares: The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Right Now?

A unique feature of KuCoin that fresh users might not know about is KuCoin’s own cryptocurrency: KuCoin Shares (KCS). KuCoin has become increasingly popular with cryptocurrency investors recently, growing to overheen 500,000 users ter only Four months of operation. A lotsbestemming of this growth wasgoed due to the broad diversity of cryptocurrencies on offerande, along with the fact that KuCoin wasgoed one of the only exchanges that hadn’t closed registrations to fresh users. The mysterious KCS are available for exchange on KuCoin and entitle well-informed users to some very attractive benefits. KuCoin has found a way to make a cryptocurrency that will be able to not only give fine comes back on your investment, but actually pay you commissions while you hold it. If you haven’t invested ter KuCoin shares yet, you’d better get te quick if you want to maximize your comes back! It’s one of the best cryptocurrency investments at the ogenblik – here’s how it works.

KuCoin Shares are one of the best cryptocurrency investments at the uur.

KuCoin shares will earn you passive income

One of the thickest benefits of holding KuCoin shares is that you’re entitled to a portion of KuCoin’s profits. Presently, 50% of all trading fees received are distributed amongst KCS holders. Spil the exchange grows, the KuCoin team plans to leisurely reduce this amount to a ondergrens of 15%. Spil you’ll see, even at 15% this can still lead to significant comes back. This is yam-sized for cryptocurrency traders, instead of risky investments, you can receive ensured passive income.

How much do you get?

The trading toverfee on KuCoin is 0.1% for both buyers and sellers, meaning that on any trade, 0.2% of the coins are collected. Therefore, spil 50% of thesis fees go to shareholders right now, 0.1% of KuCoin’s overall trade volume will be distributed. KuCoin’s current 24 hour trading volume is approximately 200 million USD, meaning that $200,000 will be awarded to shareholders each day. About 90,000,000 KCS are presently te circulation, so you would earn 22 cents vanaf day ($80.Three vanaf year) for every 100 shares you hold.

Considering that 100 KCS presently costs $2000, it doesn’t seem like a very good investment at very first glance. When you consider the potential of KuCoin, tho’, purchasing KuCoin shares starts to make more sense. The current trading volume on KuCoin is relatively low when you compare it to exchanges like Binance, who sometimes treat $9 billion ter trades vanaf day. To get an idea of how the payouts will switch, the estimated yearly earnings for 100 KCS at the ondergrens 15% revenue share are shown ter the table below.

Daily Trading Volume

Current KuCoin Volume

Spil KuCoin resumes to grow, the dividends paid out will increase. At Binance-levels of daily volume, you can earn back more than 50% of your initial investment vanaf year. With two years of that, it will be like you received the KCS spil a bounty investment from your wealthy grandfather. Yes, you will have to wait for KuCoin to reach Binance’s current popularity, but the growth will toebijten quicker than you think. Binance, for example, wasgoed launched only 7 months ago and has already amassed more than Five million users . The cryptocurrency market is still youthfull too, you can expect many more people to be getting involved ter the years to come. That means KuCoin actually has a higher maximum potential than what is shown te the table, you could reach 100% comes back or higher depending on how the market grows.

Another thing to consider is that the dividends are paid out te cryptocurrency, not USD. For example, if a user trades some BTC for KCS, then BTC and KCS are collected te trading fees. So each week you will receive various amounts of all of the cryptocurrencies available on KuCoin. This is a good thing, spil many of the coins suggested on KuCoin are smaller cryptocurrencies that grow rapidly ter value after becoming more well known – the $Ten of cryptocurrencies you received ter dividends today could be worth $100 ter a month.

You should also take into account that the price of KCS will likely grow along with KuCoin spil more users purchase them. Therefore, it is significant to invest sooner rather than straks if you want to get the most shares for your money.

KuCoin’s buyback scheme will make your shares more valuable overheen time

Another benefit KuCoin offers to KCS holders is a buyback and burn scheme. Each quarter, KuCoin spends at least 10% of their profits on KCS and then permanently ruins them. Therefore, the total supply of KuCoin shares will decrease overheen time, making the ones you hold more valuable. So ter addition to the dividends you receive, your portfolio will also increase ter value from this almost assured rise ter KCS price overheen time.

How does it work?

KuCoin states te their white paper that the buyback scheme will proceed to operate until 100 million KCS have bot ruined. 200 million KCS were originally created, so the supply of KCS will ultimately be halved. Therefore, even if the market cap of KCS wasn’t enlargening with the growth of KuCoin, your KCS would at least dual ter price anyway.

Ter addition to the buyback program, you can bet that there will be more people like yourself out there who are interested te buying KuCoin shares. Spil more users join KuCoin, more people will be investing ter KCS, naturally driving the price up. This effect has already bot seen to have a phat effect. Ter the four months that Kucoin has bot operating, the price of KuCoin Shares has gone from 70 cents to more than $20 – a massive 14x increase. When you consider that KuCoin only has 500,000 users, you can see that KCS could lightly reach a value of $100+ when the userbase grows to a few million.

The price of KuCoin shares has grown massively spil more users have joined KuCoin.

To waterput it simply, the sooner you can invest te KuCoin shares the better. Firstly, they will provide you with a superb source of passive income that will get fatter spil KuCoin grows, which is pretty much a certainty due to the multiplicity of more obscure cryptocurrencies they suggest. Secondly, KuCoin’s buyback scheme, along with the ongoing success of the exchange, will ensure that your initial KCS investment will also rise ter value overheen time. When you waterput thesis points together, you get an investment that not only shows promising comebacks, but also pays you while you hold onto it! If you’re fresh to cryptocurrencies, or just aren’t sure how to buy KCS, go after this guide for buying cryptocurrencies.

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