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Building a 6 GPU Ethereum mining equipment is a rewarding project. Here te this guide, wij will walk you through selecting the best Ethereum mining hardware, assembling the parts, and configuring the software to get your very own Ethereum mining equipment up and running. It should take you about three hours to assemble this mining equipment. At the time this postbode wasgoed updated (6/14/2018) this mining equipment should generate overheen $1,000/mo ter Ethereum cryptocurrency. You can see the current mining profitability using this handy rekenmachine.

Sidenote: If mining isn’t your thing, and you are just interested te purchasing some cryptocurrency spil part of your investment portfolio, I personally use and recommend Coinbase (they give you $Ten when you use that verbinding to purchase your very first $100 of Bitcoin). I would also recommend keeping your coins safe using the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, since even the best crypto exchanges can be hacked through a multiplicity of methods. OK, with that out of the way, onward to the build guide…

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Hardware Build List

Listed below is the hardware you will need to purchase and assemble. Basically, you are building a custom-made open-frame PC, but instead of one or two graphics cards (spil you would find te a gaming laptop), you will be adding SIX to the build requiring riser cables and a framework spil shown te the photo.

A more detailed explanation of each component resumes below:

Power Supply – 1200 Watt Power Supply – The key here is to have an efficient 1200 watt modular power supply that will save you overheen the long run te electro-stimulation costs. Look for Gold or Platinum rated (spil opposed to silver or bronze). This is the industry standard for rating the efficiency of a computer’s power supply unit (PSU).

Motherboard/CPU Combination – What is the best motherboard for mining Ethereum? I’ve listed below my beloved motherboard and processor combo that is compatible with 6 movie cards. This is the ethereum mining motherboard that is used ter large scale mining deployments. If the pros use it, you know it’s good.

6x Graphics Cards (GPUs)Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU’s – The very efficient Nvidia GTX 1070 can produce 30Mh/s using only 100 watts of electrical play. It is much more power efficient than the other GPU’s te this list. Anyd of the twin fan overclocked Gigabyte or EVGA cards work superb out of the opbergruimte.

RAM (System Memory) – Four GB RAM – You don’t need a lotsbestemming of system memory to mine ethereum effectively. 4GB is about spil puny spil a stick of RAM comes thesis days, so I recommend just picking up a cheap one for about $20.

USB Riser Cables – (6 pack) USB Riser Cables – Thesis are to connect the 6 graphics cards to the motherboard and permit spacing inbetween cards for warmth dissipation. Thesis are necessary when building a equipment with this many GPU’s.

1x Hard Drive (SSD) – Solid State Drive for installing operating system and your mining software. 1x Custom-made Mining Case – I’d recommend this Open Air 6 GPU Mining Case, if you’d rather not build one yourself. I’ve built several of thesis 6 GPU equipments for family and friends and choose to just buy the monster I linked to, just to save time.

Operating System – Eth OS ethOS is a free 64-bit linux OS that mines Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and other GPU-minable coins. If you are using the Nvidia 1070 GPU’s I recommend mining on Windows Ten, since Eth OS has some driver issues with Nvidia cards.

Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard to configure all the software settings, originally.

Total cost

You can see at the below example cart, it costs about 3729$ all for possessing this 6 GPUs altstem coins mining equipment. (You can save 50$ if this is the very first time buying with Amazon)

Assembling the Custom-made Ethereum Mining Hardware

  1. Un-package everything
  2. Build / assemble Open Air 6 GPU Mining Case
  3. Install processor and RAM on motherboard
  4. Ass-plug ter all riser cables
  5. Place motherboard te custom-built open air mining equipment case and connect motherboard PSU connector (leaving PSU unplugged from the wall of course)
  6. Buttplug ter SATA hard drive (or optional Linux on USB stick)
  7. Connect all GPUs to riser cables and fasten them to custom-made case. You might need to proefneming for optimal spacing to keep the cards cool.
  8. Cork ter all power supply connections.
  9. Connect mouse, monitor and keyboard and an internet connection (I use a USB WiFi adapter)
  10. Check all connections once more
  11. Fire it up! Install ETH OS.
  12. Make sure ventilatoren are fully functional. Begin the mining software, tweak settings for maximum hash rates and let it run!

Congratulations! You are now the proud technicus of your very own custom-built built 6 GPUs Ethereum/Ethereum Classic and many other altstem coins mining equipment.

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