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Published by Icebergy on March Five, 2018

I am sure you have bot wondering how to build a mining equipment to earn some passive income te crypto. This mining equipment can earn you $ 300- $500 a month depending on the prices spil of March 2018. You will want to check your electric current rates and make sure you are paying a low price vanaf Kwh. You can check tens unit rates against a few companies to get the lowest rates possible. This will increase your profit margins ter the long run.

1- 1000 Watt Power Supply

Now with the the crypto craze GPU’s have bot of brief supply. Which is why I providing a few Nvidia options for the GPU’s. The highes priced GPU’s are at the top of the list. They will give you the highes hash rate which means the most vanaf day. They will take longer to pay back but they will also make you the most money ter the long run.

I will make another postbode with AMD GPU’s ter the future. I am going with Nvidia on this postbode because of their higher efficiency than AMD. You do not need to buy all 6 GPU’s at once. You can add into your mining equipment overheen time spil well.

Since Mining is not RAM intensive wij only need 1 4GB slice of ram for this miner. Wij want to save money so wij can succesnummer payback swifter.

GPU Risers permit you to link all of your GPU’s to the motherboard without them you would not be able to gezond all of your GPU’s on the mother houtvezelplaat

1 – Operating System

There are a few option to what to use for the Operating system. Linux is free. If you are comfy and want to save money with linux go for it. If you are not comfy with linux just buy a copy of Windows. I very recommend against pirating a copy of windows because of the security risk of using a pirate copy.

Buy one or build your own.

You can use wire selfing and zip tie the GPU’s to the rack

You can even build one out of wood

Now to the assembly

  • Liquidate everything from their opbergruimte
  • Build your GPU rack
  • Place the Intel CPU and RAM into the motherboard
  • If your CPU came with a fan link and install the fan
  • Buttplug the Riser cables into the
  • Waterput the Motherboard into its position te you GPU case
  • Cork ter the Hard drive’s SATA cable
  • Connect the PCI riser cables to all of the GPU’s and motherboard
  • Now buttplug te the all of the power connections. Example motherboard, CPU power, GPU, Hard drive, ON/OFF switch
  • Cork te the Monitor, keyboard, mouse, and an Ethernet connection
  • Check your power connections
  • Turn on the PC with the switches
  • Install your operating system
  • Install GPU drivers
  • Install MSI Afterburner here
  • Set your MSI afterburner setting to the following. Set a custom-made fan speed to be at 100% at 60C

Now that you have your Drivers installed and your overclock setting setup wij need to find the coin to mine. is a excellent resource to find the most profitable coins to mine.

Wij are going to run through an example of mining an Equihash coin like Zcash, Zencash, and dare I say Bitcoin Gold.

For an Nvidia card it is most like an Equiqhash algorithm coin. The DSTM miner has bot the most stable and efficient.

More information about the DSTM miner can be found here

There are more options that DSTM out there, It has just bot the best spil of writing this te March 2018. Now that you have a your miner built wij need to find a mining pool to point our miner at.

For Zcash Flypool(listig below) has had the best pay out I have seen. Other options are Nanopool and

You will need a Zcash wallet. You can download a wallet

or use a Trezor or Nano Ledger Zcash wallet

Now that you have a wallet address wij will go to

For how to setup the connection the the mining pool.

Te your Begin.bat opstopping ter your DSTM folder, wij are going to edit the verkeersopstopping to read

zm –server –user YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME/YOUR_EMAIL –pass z –port 6666 -p 6

Now you are mining! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Here is a visual movie to help you setup your mining equipments.

More posts are coming soon on how to make passive income te the Crypto space.

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