Litecoin Learner – The Alfabet s of Litecoin – suggesting a Litecoin debit card

BitTeller – the world’s most affordable BTC ATM / LTC capable!

CentraTech – suggesting a prepaid Litecoin debit card

Coin ATM Radar – A global schrijfmap with Crypto ATMS

Crypto ATM – an open source, do-it-yourself, ATM for LTC, BTC, & DOGE

CryptoPay.Mij – suggesting a BTC debit card

Logicoins – an ATM using LTC, BTC & DOGE

ShiftPayments VISA Card – a VISA debit card that can be funded by BTC held @ Coinbase

Wirex – suggesting plastic & virtual debit cards for fiat & crypto funds


Bitcoin spil Money? – perspective from the Federal Reserve Canap of Boston

Bitcoin: A Primer – from the Federal Reserve Handelsbank of Chicago

Canadian Handelsbank Notes & Dominion Notes: – Lessons for Digital Currencies from the Canap of Canada

Digital currencies – from The Bankgebouw of International Settlements CPMI

Digital Money & the Future of Finance – Director of Markets Supervision Gareth Murphy of the Central Handelsbank of Ireland

How low can you go? – speech by Andrew Haldane of the Canap of England

Money Is No Object – understanding the evolving cryptocurrency market from PWC

The Next Big Thing – from ABN AMRO of the Netherlands

To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin – from Santander Latin American Equity Research

What is Bitcoin? – from Sweden’s Sveriges Riksbank




Bitcoin PR Hum – a crypto-focused PR company accepting LTC, BTC & others

HaveAByte – web technology fucking partner for marketing firms, designers, & businesses

OP-SIG – a Madison, WI consultant

Scotty CC – a web developer engaged ter LTC & other cryptos

The Flynn Law Rock-hard – operating ter Missouri & Kansas accepting LTC & BTC

The Wallet Genius – educating newcomers on how to use and exchange crypto


BillPayForCoins – pay your bills with LTC, BTC, & DOGE – pay all your bills with LTC


A Epistel History of the Gold Standard te the United States – from the Congressional Research Service ter the U.S. Library of Congress

Human Act – A treatise on Economics by Ludwig von Mises

Investopedia – a very useful reference dictionary with tutorials, articles, calculators, advice, & analysis

Ludwig von Mises Institute – advancing Austrian Economics, Liberty, & Peace

Rational Money: – a national currency intelligently regulated ter reference to the numerous standard by Klinkklaar Parsons

The Foundation for Economic Education – an introduction to free market economics & its foundations ter the broader philosophy of individual liberty

The Mises Circle – for scholarship te the Austrian economic tradition


Bitlancerr – enables merchants & creative people to trade for LTC, BTC & more.

Coinality – a crypto currency job houtvezelplaat

Crypto Money Expo – a virtual job fair beginning February 19th

FollowTheCoin – Write about LTC te this contributor program – find freelance jobs that pay with crypto including Litecoin


ANXPRO – Suggesting a LTC/BTC pair – a Brazilian exchange with Litecoin coming soon!

Bitfinex – Suggesting LTC & BTC margin trading

BitPanda – ‘is europe’s most popular service to buy and sell’

BITTREX – a US based exchange with numerous cryptos

BTCC (formerly BTC China) – Bobby Lee’s exchange now offers LTC trading

BTER – Trades LTC & other crypto

CoinNest – South Korean exchange pairing LTC w/ Won – a Korean exchange suggesting Litecoin pairs

CRXZone – Very first LTC exchange ter Singapore pairing LTC/SGD

DMM Bitcoin Exchange – a Japanese exchange pairing the Yen with Litecoin

EXMO – a Russian exchange with LTC, BTC, BLK & others – pairing Litecoin with USD, BTC, EUR, HKD & ETH

GDAX – the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) now trading Litecoin!

Huobi – Chinese exchange to trade LTC on Three/Nineteen/14 – worlds largest online leveraged trading provider – The very first LTC, BTC, Fiat exchange ter Turkey

Openbreken – US based with LTC, BTC & other crypto – now suggesting Litecoin trading

LiveCoin.netwerk – pairing LTC w/USD, BTC, EUR, & RUR – now suggesting Litecoin trading

NegocieCoins – a Brizilian exchange pairing LTC & BTC

OkCoin – a high volume Chinese exchange – offers swift, cheap & reliable global digital-asset exchange

Vircurex – LTC & Eighteen other cryptos traded – a replacement for BTC-E – India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange now with Litecoin market!

FINANCIAL Implements – Escrow service including LTC & other cryptos

Coin Reporting – a crypto portfolio monitor

CoinFinance – Create your portfolio & track wealth progress

CryptFolio – Track coins, miners, investments & equities w/ regular reporting

DLT10 Index – a basket of Ten public implementations of DLT including LTC


/r/Litecoin – The Litecoin subreddit

/r/LitecoinMarkets – the Litecoin markets subreddit

/r/litecoinmining – the Litecoin mining subreddit – a discourse implementation for Litecoin


BetCoin – overheen 100 games te LTC & BTC

BetCoinSports – LTC/BTC gambling & sports betting

Bit777 – Use LTC & others – gokhal, raffles, wheel, & dice – accepting Litecoin te September!

CryptoBetFair – Wheel of Fortune ter LTC, Doge, & others

Crypto-Games – aA slot machine with LTC, BTC & DOGE

FortuneJack – live cryptocurrency gokhal supporting LTC, BTC, DRK & others – more than 60 games for LTC & other cryptos

LiteJack – a LTC blackjack spel

PeerBet – Play raffles, wheels, & dice w/LTC & more

Politics and War – now accepting LTC for in-game credits

GET Embarked

Lites4All Litecoin Faucet – rechtsvordering up to 3000 litoshi every 30 minutes

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Original Email – describing his/hier/their solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem – spreading adoption through education


Are You An Informed Investor? – from The Office of the Indiana Secretary of State

BTC’s Uncertain Future te China – from the U.S. – China Economic & Security Review Commission

CryptoCurrencies: Making money out of zuivere snauwerig – from Voorzitter’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Cryptocurrency Online Vault Storage System – a patent application from Canap of America Corporation

Currency Versus Trust-less Transfer Technology – from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development

Digital Currency: You Can’t Spin This Coin – Canadian report of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade & Commerce

Draft Report on Virtual Currencies – from the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Florida Court Rejects Bitcoin spil Money – from the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit ter & for Miami-Dade County, Florida

Modular Device Payment System – a PayPal patent application for a device to use LTC, DOGE, & BTC

Fresh York State BitLicense – from the Dept of Financial Services

Tax Treatment – from the Australian Tax Office

The Startup Manifesto – from the Coalition for a Digital Economy (COADEC)

US Senators Seek Blockchain Guidance – from the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs

Virtual Currency Has Real Life Risk – from The Michigan State Attorney General, Bill Schuette


CollegeHumor – Should Wij Do a Bitcoin Sketch?

Conan O’Brien – Bitcoin’s COO explains what bitcoin Is

Holding – a BTC take on Billy Joel’s, ‘The Longest Tim’e by Zhou Tonged

INDUSTRY + PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – a free online course from Draper University

Coin Academy – learn about digital currencies

Crypto Consortium – developes standards & certifies professionals

Digital Currency Council – offers training, certification, & continuing ed


Litecoin Development IRC – Internet Relay Talk for LTC development

Litecoin IRC – Internet Relay Talk for general LTC conversation

Litecoin Mining IRC – Internet Relay Talk for LTC mining

Litecoin Telegram – instant talk group on the Telegram podium


Antworten – from The German banking industry association Bankenverband

Forocoin.televisiekanaal – a spanish-language forum on Litecoin

Litecoin Africa – educating & empowering people of the African continent – a Grind language webpagina about LTC

Litecoin-Kaufen.informatie – a German webstek about buying Litecoin & related

Notice on Virtual Currencies – from The Central Handelsbank of Italy, Banca d’Italia – a Dutch webpagina introducing LTC

LEGAL + REGULATORY – Virtual Currency Regulation Resources – tracks the evolving regulatory landscape of cryptocurrency, & related around the world.

Coin Center – a non-profit research & advocacy center

Cryptocurrency & Law – overview of 50 states’ duidance and regs on blockchain & digital currency


104 Weeks of Gegevens – Gegevens on the very first 104 weeks of LTC – ‘the fastest LTC block reader’

Cosurgi.informatie – quickly visualize LTC prices across numerous exchanges – live streaming LTC prices from various markets

DC Charts – Chart the price of LTC on various exchanges – a customizable Litecoin price widget

Flappening.See – metrics that depict chickun’s rise – a fully featured LTC block explorer

LitecoinAverage – a global Litecoin price index – LTC to USD, EUR, YUAN, & BTC converter with history – literally, a Litecoin price zakjapanner

LTC Charts – Gegevens charts using gegevens from various exchanges

LTC Valuation Histories – downloadable ter spreadsheet format from quandl – an explorer with a multiplicity of charting capabilities

PREEV – LTC to USD Price Widget


Bitindia plans to add Litecoin… – . chic from presently planned Ripple, Ethereum & Bitcoin

Eating the Bitcoin Cake – by Charlie Lee, reprinted with permission by CoinDesk

Fidelity, the $Two.Three trillion investment giant… – is testing out a fresh cryptocurrency service… that includes Litecoin

HolyTransaction’s CEO Explains… – Fresh Multicurrency Wallet Features including LTC

Litecoin Price Prediction 2018: – is LTC potential higher than counterparts by Gaurav S. Iyer for – an Australian Vaporizers retailer accepting Litecoin

What is Litecoin? – by Daniel Roberts for Yahoo Finance

What Is Litecoin? – by Joseph Kennedy for


Agorist Marketplace – connecting free market community – a directory & schrijfmap of businesses accepting LTC, BTC, & others

LitecoinLand Directory – a directory of LTC-related businesses – a directory of crypto accepting merchants sortable by Litecoin

www.uselitecoin.informatie – a fresh directory of Litecoin related resources


Arise Chickun! – Moses (a.k.a Charlie Lee) calls for an arising of the chickun!

Litecoin: Trio Key Differences – photo depicting how litecoin is distinct

SatoshiLite – Same superb taste, but less packing.

Shots Fired! – Charlie fires the Litecoin Chickun Cannon


Alfa Coins – an international LTC & BTC payment processor

Aliant Payments – merchant services w/ credit card & Litecoin processing – an electronic payment system for LTC & BTC – a German point-of-sale system facilitating acceptance of Litecoin

BTCPay Server – self-hosted payment processor for BTC & LTC

BTCPay Server Guide – a guide to run an open source based e-store that accepts Litecoin & more – accept LTC & others w/ optional payouts ter euros & dollars

CoinPayments.netwerken – Payment gateway for LTC & BTC – provides merchant services ter LTC, BTC, & many others

CryptoWoo – a decentralized payment plugin to accept LTC, DOGE, & BTC

GloBee – securely accept payments through a host of crypto includling Litecoin

GoCoin – Enabling merchants to accept BTC & LTC payments – an open source crypto-currency payment gateway – accept LTC, BTC, & overheen 25 others rapid & effortless – a litecoin payment gateway COMING SOON! – Litecoin payments, from wallet to checkout – accept Litecoin and more te no time with their effortless integrations – enabling you to sell digital products instantly for Litecoin


Build A Equipment – a comprehensive project from Cryptobadger

CGMiner – Command-line mining software

CGWatcher – a GUI mining control contraption

CoinPolice – an altcoin profitability rekenmachine with ASIC comparison chart

CoinWarz – Crypto currency mining profitability


Alpha Technology – Producing ASIC scrypt miners

Innosilicon – 1st 28nm LTC ASIC & Reference Miners

Script ASIC Spreadsheet – Organized by manufacturer, price, hashrate, etc.


Antpool – supports mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

CoinWell – a cloud-based mining service that rents LTC mining power

F2 Pool – mining pool for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Zcash

GiveMeCoins – a multi-coin (scrypt) mining pool – an updated list of the most popular LTC pools

LTC Pool – another Chinese mining pool – LTC & DOGE (MM) pool with SegWit support


8BTC – 8btc english news

AllCoinsNews – bitcoin, altcoin, & blockchain news – news, ICO list, press releases, companies, mobile apps, & movies

Bitcoinist.nipt – Cryptocurrency reviews and technology

BitcoinMagazine – about BTC & other crypto-currencies – “all about the Bitcoin industry”

Coin Telegraph – pro opinion & commentary ter the digital currency community

CoinDesk – ‘The Voice of Digital Currency’ – an international project about BTC & other crypto

CoinJournal.televisiekanaal – ‘a cryptocurrency webpagina with integrity…’ – news, media and opinion chunks on Litecoin & more

Crypto.Press – a relatively fresh crypto news outlet

Cryptocoins News – the latest cryptocurrency & bitcoin news

Crypto-News.netwerk – latest violating news from BTC, ETH, DOGE & other coins

CryptoNinjas – currency & blockchain asset source – cypto news, prices and press releases – ‘All your crypto currency news and reviews’

FxPips – litecoin Technical Analysis – a Litecoin news and discussion aggregator

NewsBTC – the latest Bitcoin & related news

The Coin Report – ‘Global Digital Currency News’

The Merkle – crypto, blockchain, & fintech news – source for Litecoin news & current affairs


Ask Mij Anything – January 23, 2015 – from the LTC Development Team & LTC Association!

Ask Mij Anything – January Three, 2016 – from the LTC Development Team & LTC Association!

Litecoin Foundation – Led by Charlie Lee, Xinxi Wang, & Franklyn Richards – educating merchants & users on the acceptance & use of LTC – where the official LTC code resides

LitecoinCore – maintained by Litecoin Core Developers

Official Litecoin Blog – authored by Warren Togami, LTC Dev

The Litecoin Launch! – read Charlie Lee’s launch of Litecoin on BitcoinTalk


Courageous Fresh Coin – Key gegevens, charts & other informatie on altstem coins

Coin Choose – a listing of cryptocoins

Coin Market Caps – crypto market capitalizations – virtual currency correlation, analysis, & statistics

CoinGecko – a 360 degree overview of cryptocurrencies

Crypto Currency Charts – a list of current crypto coin prices – cryptocurrency market state visualization

CryptoMeter – historical gegevens on a multiplicity of crypto

Ordner of Coins – a visualized history of cryptocurrency

Target Moon – Crypto 24/7 price monitoring & email alerts

World Coin Index – Like BraveNewCoin but with a ‘trending’ section


Adrian Gallagher – Litecoin developer on Github

Barry Silbert – Founder of SecondMarket & BTC Trust on Twitter

Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator on Github

Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator on Twitter

Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator on Google+

Charlie Lee – Litecoin Creator on LinkedIn

CoinTouch – Find friends of friends that trade crypto

Flappening See on Twitter – tweeting select & useful litecoin stats

Gavin Andresen – former lead Bitcoin scientist on twitter

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