Nvidia says – gamers come very first – spil it moves against miners bulk ordering graphics cards, TechRadar

Not suitable for miners…

Spil cryptocurrency miners once again thrust the prices of graphics cards up &ndash, and even drive some GPUs out of stock &ndash, Nvidia has issued a statement ter support of gamers fighting to find a card, and has made a budge to attempt and help them.

Nvidia is asking retailers to sell a maximum of two graphics cards (of the same monster) vanaf person, te an effort to cut back on bulk orders from virtual currency miners.

Nvidia also issued a statement stressing that it&rsquo,s behind gamers when it comes to the current GPU stock and pricing problems. Te a comment to German tech webpagina ComputerBase, the company said: &ldquo,For Nvidia, gamers come very first. All activities related to our GeForce product line are targeted at our main audience.

&ldquo,To ensure that GeForce gamers proceed to have good GeForce graphics card availability ter the current situation, wij recommend that our trading playmates make the suitable arrangements to meet gamers&rsquo, needs spil usual.&rdquo,

Of course, the two-card purchasing rule is just a suggested limitation, and it&rsquo,s up to retailers to actually enforce it, with no comeback if they don&rsquo,t. And realistically, many retailers aren&rsquo,t likely to care exactly who is buying their products &ndash, or particularly want to go to the effort of policing orders &ndash, spil long spil contant is going into the till.

So it&rsquo,s certainly arguable how much tangible influence this budge will make.

Still, it&rsquo,s something, and ter some ways, this is more about Nvidia letting gamers know that it hasn&rsquo,t forgotten about them, and that is realizes the gravity of the situation, spil graphics cards prices are kicking off to get ditzy thanks to the excessive request.

Dual money

For example, the GeForce GTX 1070 is the card many gamers would want to get, but looking on Newegg at the time of writing ter the US, the cheapest specimen is $889 &ndash, and on the UK webpagina, it&rsquo,s £,707. Recall, this is supposed to be a card with a recommended price of around $380 or £,380, so you&rsquo,re basically paying dual right now.

That isn&rsquo,t necessarily true across the entire spectrum of GPUs, but price pressure is clearly getting ridiculous, and some models are downright out of stock at some retailers. Even a supposedly wallet-friendly GTX 1060 will now set you back around $330 or £,240 on Newegg.

It&rsquo,s a pitiful situation which means that those looking to upgrade their graphics card, or those building a fresh PC and looking for a GPU to go inwards, are pretty much throwing their forearms up te despair.

Of course, the mining craze is presently being fuelled by the latest major boom te cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin leading the (volatile) charge. Albeit mining the latter is now predominated by dedicated ASIC devices, other virtual currencies have slok up te its wake, and the likes of Ethereum can still be effectively mined using PCs sporting numerous graphics cards.

There&rsquo,s bot slew of discussion around this topic across the netwerken, spil you can imagine, with many not understanding why Nvidia and AMD can&rsquo,t simply produce more GPUs to meet request &ndash, but there are obviously production issues to consider. Ramping up the assembly lines isn&rsquo,t just a matter of rolling a switch.

Perhaps the real solution will be the production of more mining-dedicated graphics cards &ndash, with no movie output ports &ndash, specifically targeting the cryptocurrency market. Fingers crossed that everything lodges down sooner rather than straks, but wij&rsquo,re not particularly optimistic about that right now.

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