DogeCoin E-Commerce Business Tutorial – Honey Badger of Money

Hopefully you’re excited because I am… We’ll do this slow and steady…asking you a string of questions before guiding you down the path you need to take…clear. Let’s begin…

Do you know what Doge is? Yes. Then you’re already halfway there Shibe! Good! Now wij start by picking a wallet: You could go the purist route and Run a Total knot. The Core Dogecoin Software, available on Github, would permit you to take utter payments and to greatly customize the level of automation that your webstek would provide – for the sake of plainness and ease of guiding novices through this tutorial, I will not be going overheen integrating total Dogecoin Core to the webpagina – if you wish, you could generate a fresh dogecoin payment address and to then integrate that into for payments. If you have issues with hard drive space boundaries or perhaps project to only use your wallet periodically you could also opt ter to use the lightweight wallet then consider the multi-Bit fork – MultiDoge. MultiDoge doesn’t require storing the blockchain and runs fairly rapid. If you absolutely can’t be bothered with storing your own private keys and you trust the author (admittedly I’ve gone this route) then consider using the DogetipBot web wallet. (I would not advise holding large sums of doge on a web wallet however and do project to stir amounts larger than 100K onto my own wallet (private keys that I control)).

Get it got it good…now wij figure out your kick culo shibash business project. So this boils down to yer two terms mate: ye be goodman or serviceman er both of course. The thickest and the best do both with much wow such amaze. So picketh ye what ye be shibe – I sell stootrand stickers on spil well spil other trinkets. But should you choose to sell ebooks or Artwork, I can demonstrate you how to do that spil well. Let’s take five minutes to sit you down and figure out what the market needs. It’s not good enough to say “I’ll sell Compaq all te one PC’s running windows 98…for Doge!” You need to do a little preliminary survey taking with the community (particularly /r/dogecoin, and /r/cryptocurrency on reddit…those are your primary target markets). A survey will help you ascertain whether or not your idea is marketable and also if you idea has a current request (or could potentially garner a request). Choosing to execute a business without very first determining if there is a feasible request (enough of one such that you’re not out of business after three weeks) is a ensured recipe for failure. Also, determine if your goods/services are a one time purchase or a repeat purchase – consumable goods such spil food, bounty credits, airtime, or event tickets are all items that eventually require repurchasing te order to build up utility from them again. (You can purchase a book one time and never have to acquire that story again – you voorwaarde purchase candy again ter order to taste and practice that candy again). Also do be sure that before moving forward with a business, that you can establish an agreement on pricing with your vendors such that you’re not stressing out month to month seeking fresh vendors and pleading that your existing vendors don’t abandon or switch their pricing.

Once you find a excellent product that you can back and provide support for, commence crunching numbers. Your objective of crunching thesis numbers is to figure out an ideal price point to attract the most customers that also happens to ensure a healthy profit margin spil well spil set a realistic sales objective (vanaf day, week, or month) such that you can sale a reasonable amount reliably and remain ter business. To request from yourself that you can sell 2000 ‘widgets’ vanaf month for only doge is a very hard and tall order – you’re almost asking that each visitor to /r/dogecoin make a purchase from you each month – is that even realistic? Be sure that you crunch numbers to figure out how much effort is worthwhile to you but at the same time feasible for your customer base…the right intersection can assure healthy margins and a reduction ter potential stress.

There ARE different approaches and methods to business. Before 1990 the feasible method to establishing a puny business wasgoed through either having a brick and mortar store, or by having a catalog based business. Thesis were both very expensive to setup and maintain. So much so that the advancement of the internet has permitted anyone to open their own petite business online for less than $30…whereas just decades ago the same petite business would cost you anywhere from 20-200 thousand dollars for the same physical storefront presence that you build up from this $30 webstore! Therefore, ter this guide today, we’ll be discussing how to setup an e-shop, get a domain name going (paid for using crypto) and even how to get the webpagina up and running!

To go after this guide effectively project to spend about $30 dollars and have an afternoon or weekend to spare to take your fantasy business from idea concept to reality. Do you have a $Ten Billion Doge idea ter the midst…get it written down… ideally you will revisit this scribble or jot more ideas down often….perhaps once a week is best to ensure that you are following through to meet business project objectives. My objective for the purposes of this tutorial is to sell this guide spil an ebook, to sell one hour of my consulting/development time spil a service voorwerp, and ultimately, to sell my famous fry seasoning – All from the same storefront. This entire guide will walk you through all the steps I took to get this up and running.

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