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Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular overheen the past few weeks, but most people would admit to knowing very little beyond bitcoin and Ether.

This article will introduce dogecoin, one of the many alternatives, before focusing on dogecoin mining.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a P2P (peer to peer) cryptocurrency that wasgoed launched ter December 2013.

Originally launched spil a joke coin with the picture of the dog from the meme with the same name, Dogecoin unexpectedly gained popularity and reached a market capitalisation of $308 million by December 2018.

Dogecoin has about 100 billion coins ter circulation and while it not used te commercial application to the degree that Bitcoin is, it has popularity spil a cryptocurrency used for tipping people on the Internet.

Presently a crowdfunding effort is ter place to create a gold coin with the Doge picture on, which will be sent to the moon, resulting te the phrase “To the Moon” being used to express the unexpected growth of the currency.

Like other more mainstream cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is anonymous, decentralised and a secure form of making Internet payments. Dogecoin sees its community of users spil joy and friendly and is linked to the Dogecoin foundation (, which raises funds for charities and supports non-profit organisations. The Shibu Inu dog, the Dogecoin logo, is a puny Japanese dog which became famous for memes on Tumblr te 2005 after a teacher posted pictures of his adopted dog with logo’s.

To begin using Dogecoin spil a currency, users will need to download a wallet, buy some Dogecoins and then they are set to embark trading. Dogecoin is presently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, but unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin continuously adds coins to the market instead of having a limited supply.

This means the value of Dogecoin is far lower than that of Bitcoin and the value will proceed to druppel spil more coins come into circulation.

Dogecoin Mining Software

Dogecoin is plain to mine and all that is needed to get commenced is a PC, access to tens unit and the Internet and one or more graphics cards. The more CPU you have the more successful your mining will be and even tho’ it is possible to mine without a graphics card, the results will be slower.

Spil Dogecoin is based on Litecoin, the same hardware requirements spil used when mining Litecoin is ideal. A CPU with a ondergrens of 200 KH/Sec is recommended if you want to see good mining results. For details on the switches made to Dogecoin that affect miners and the most effective way to accommodate thesis switches, visit

Dogecoin Mining Pool

There are many pools that miners can join to mine Dogecoins. The benefits of using a dogecoin mining pool versus solo mining is the combined processing power of the miners ter the pool results ter more ended transactions and a quicker generation of revenue.

There are pools that concentrate only on Dogecoin and those that mine for numerous cryptocurrencies such spil Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Te a latest poll on the most popular pool for mining Dogecoins is with almost 30% of the votes.

For tips on mining Dogecoin, observe the following movies:

Dogecoin Mining 2018

There is much speculation about the value of Dogecoin into 2018 and beyond. With the release of extra coins into the market the price is expected to druppel, but there is allot of positive commentary about the future of the coin. For some extra reading on the predictions of Dogecoin, the following sites have some interesting debates on the subject.

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