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Forex — the foreign exchange (currency or FOREX, or FX) market is the fattest and the most liquid financial market ter the world. It boasts a daily volume of more than $Five.1 trillion (spil of April 2016). Trading ter this market involves buying and selling world currencies, taking profit from the exchange rates difference. FX trading can yield high profits but is also a very risky endeavor. Everyone can participate ter foreign exchange trading via the Forex brokers.

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I voorwaarde say different individuals have different opinion and practice with every company. My practice with AAFX company is fairly good. I have two accounts with them immobilized and VIP and my account no 2132541027 and 2132540926. Very first i opened motionless ac.

I commenced my trader’s way three months ago. Choosing inbetween the Five brokers I have opened accounts from two. One of thesis brokers is LiteForex. Trading conditions are good and everything works quickly. Also I like rapid technical support. Since I’m a b.

Quick Execution , no liggen. I’m also glad with the premie program.

Trading with Amarkets almost without problem, Even if i had any minor ones, the CS wasgoed very helpful and solved my problem.

Will stay with Amarkets for a while , hopefully their servi.

Unspoiled SCAM broker. They are not a business. They are just out there to take money from hard working people who is attempting to earn money. They are not regulated to any authorities. That’s why they can take your deposits or your money if they want to. .

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[Poll] Immovable Spread vs. Variable Spread vs. Commission

Mon, Two Apr 2018 17:11

EUR/USD Ticks Up te Light Trading

Mon, Two Apr 2018 14:38

Forex Brokers Update — April 1st, 2018

Zon, 1 Apr 2018 14:09

Forex News

Canadian Dollar Gains amid Hopes for NAFTA Overeenkomst

Tue, Trio Apr 2018 17:59

The Canadian dollar leaped against its rivals today on optimism about the NAFTA overeenkomst and spil prices for crude oil, Canada’s main uitvoer commodity, rebounded after yesterday’s slump.

Japanese Yen Soft Even spil BoJ Discusses Stimulus Uitgang

Tue, Three Apr 2018 16:41

The Japanese yen fell against its most-traded rivals today even spil the Handelsbank of Japan wasgoed discussing internally an uitgang from unprecedented monetary stimulus. Some currencies, tho’, have trimmed their gains against the yen by now.

Euro Drops Against US Dollar on Mixed Eurozone Manufacturing PMIs

Tue, Trio Apr 2018 15:49

The euro today declined against the US dollar following the release of mixed manufacturing PMI gegevens from across the euro area. The euro’s decline wasgoed further accelerated by renewed request for the US dollar fueled by the risk-on investor sentiment.

Commodity Blog

Crude Oil Joins Other Risky Assets ter a Ease Rally

Tue, Three Apr 2018 17:Nineteen

Prices for crude oil rose a bit today following the big slump on Monday. Crude joined equities and other assets associated with risk.

Copper Rises to Weekly High on Enhanced Chinese Manufacturing Request

Tue, Three Apr 2018 17:06

London copper prices have risen to their highest level ter the past week, following reports from China, which is globally the thickest consumer of the base.

China Tariffs Send Orange Juice Futures Sliding 2%

Tue, Trio Apr 2018 16:41

Orange juice futures are tumbling on Tuesday after the Chinese government announced tariffs on 128 US products, including fresh or dried oranges. Florida’s orange.

Forex Movie Zone

How Cryptocurrency Works

Tue, Three Apr 2018 17:06

There is bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. So, what is cryptocurrency? How does it work? Essentially, it is digital money that is bought and sold online. There are no bills or coins. It is not based on another asset like gold. And it does not go through traditional financial institutions like banks. Instead thesis currencies operate ter a downright decentralized system that uses.

Traders Doubt spil to whether to Buy Risky Assets

Tue, Trio Apr 2018 15:54

Geopolitical factors prevent the US dollar from developing a constant rally. Ter the Asian trade, the US dollar wasgoed fighting for further gains against rival currencies. The USD/JPY pair breached 106.00, but traders are taking a cautious treatment. The durable trade dispute inbetween the US and China has sapped the risk appetite of investors. The White House is expected sometime this week to publish a list of Chinese goods that could be.

PMI Gegevens Shapes Dynamics of EUR and GBP

Tue, Trio Apr 2018 15:27

Today, the European assets have bot trading te opposite directions during the London session on the back of mixed business activity gegevens. Very first, market participants paid their attention to statistics from Germany. The manufacturing business activity growth slowed down ter March with the corresponding indicator falling to 58.Four from 60.6. The German gegevens had a considerable influence on the region’s figure. The manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index te the euro area dropped to 56.Five from.

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