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Misc Apps and Software

Dogecoin Miscellaneous Apps

A Windows Desktop Dogecoin zweem for checking market prices

  • Send Doge through Chrome
  • If you know some aspects of your password, this brute force instrument may help you recover a lost wallet.

  • Chrome plugin for Dogecoin informatie
  • Tracking addon for Firefox for Bitcoin – now with Dogecoin!

  • Rasberry Pi software
  • Software to run a wallet on the Rasberry Pi Verhoging

  • BTER Exchange Trading software
  • Candlestick graphs and zekering limit orders! A superb resource for trading (windows)

  • Wowdoge Litewallet client
  • Another lite wallet vormgeving with QR code support

  • Dogecoin Balance Zweem
  • A Dogecoin Balance and Price snufje for Windows 7

  • The Universe Project
  • An MMO Space games where you can mine Asteroids for Doge, and also battle other real users for their Doge!

  • You Tube tipping Chrome extension *very beta
  • An extension for Chrome that permits you to peak on YouTube!

  • Chrome Auto-price converting widget.
  • Wagen converts USD values te a webstek to display Doge along side of it. EX. The price is $Ten (800 doge)

  • Cuda manager_v12
  • Failover support manager for Cudaminer

  • BAMT Reboot Script
  • One click method of printing out numerous paper Dogebills for tipping.

  • Portable Dogecoin Wallet for Linux
  • A beginners guide to using Dogecoin te a Linux environment.

  • Minerstatus
  • An auction bot for Dogecoin and Twitter

  • Asteroid for Mac
  • A quick turn-key solution to get you commenced ter mining- Good for beginners!

  • Bootstrap- Download the Blockchain Quicker
  • Bootstrap verkeersopstopping and instructions for speeding up the syncing of the QT wallet client.

  • Dogekeeer iOS wallet
  • Send AND Receive Dogecoin with this Dogecoin wallet, using DogeAPI.* (Soon using Block.io)

  • Dogemuch Windows Phone Wallet
  • Bootstrap Opstopping for quick blockchain syncing

  • Coin Corner
  • Multi-crypto wallet for Windows Phone.

  • Foosler
  • Adding skill based specie tournaments to mobile games., our backend service can be added to any spel, permitting players to rival ter tournaments for metselspecie. Supporting deposits and withdrawals with Dogecoin.

  • Saydoge
  • Using Symbolic Linksom to save space on block chain

  • Dogcoin Folding at Huis
  • Alternate Wallet recovery software

  • ShibeNet
  • How to use the Fresh tipbot (2018) Sodogetip

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