Digital Coupons Provide an effortless path for customers to clip and activate digital coupons.

Amplify results 2-5X and drive more powerful digital strategies

Improve sales results and prize your most loyal customers

Attract fresh customers to your brand

Create intimate practices inbetween you and your customers

Leverage physical assets to build valuable digital assets

The definition of insanity is performing the same act overheen and overheen and expecting different outcomes. Hope won’t produce better results for your marketing campaigns, but brainy investments ter proven technology will.

Adding gamification to shopper marketing campaigns will amplify and accelerate your results 2-5X and improve overall ROI.

Every BitPlay campaign you run adds to a private SMS messaging channel that you own and can market to on an ongoing onderstel.

Don’t lodge for the status quo. Embrace gamification to turbocharge your marketing results and expand your digital footprint.

The BitPlay Sales Lift program is designed to drive financial results by incenting customers to purchase your products, text a photo of their receipt, and earn rebates.

Sales Lift can lightly be integrated into existing campaigns or run spil a standalone promotion, and it’s an excellent choice for companies looking for something fresh and different to drive sales results and generate strong ROI.

Gamification increases engagement by 100% to 150%

-M2 Research

Sales Lift

Drive sales volume by prompting customers to make purchases and text a photo of their receipt. Validated customers receive rebates instantly.


Encourage loyalty program enrollment and create incentives to prize your best customers.


Games award points that can be campaign-specific or tied into existing prizes programs.

Fresh Customer Acquisition

Viral games provide incentives for players to invite friends and share content across their network.

Digital Coupons

Provide an effortless path for customers to clip and activate digital coupons.

Store Bounceback

Drive foot traffic to stores and increase repeat purchases.

Program Enrollment

Drive fresh enrollment te your membership, coupon, and other programs.

Click to Call

Rechtstreeks people to their smartphones where your call center is just one click away.

Mobile App Installs

Reach qualified consumers to drive mobile app downloads and installs.

Today’s consumers do not react well to traditional ads, and they don’t want to be &ldquo,sold to&rdquo,. What they do want are more engaging brand practices that reach them where they spend their time – on mobile devices.

Companies utilizing gamification see a 100-150% increase te engagement metrics. BitPlay’s gamification toneel will turbocharge your marketing campaigns, amplify results, and convert the way customers practice your brand.

The Bitplay toneel is a lightweight solution designed to lightly integrate with existing marketing campaigns or create fresh ones. No customer downloads are required to play, and there’s no tech or integration work required for your business to run BitPlay campaigns.

DIGITAL Scrape Toegangsbewijs

Text PLAY to +1 (202) 849-9777

Text PLAY to +1 (202) 849-9777

Text WORD to +1 (202) 849-9777

SMS texts boast a 90% open rate, and people now spend more time ter messaging apps than social media. Marketers need a strong SMS strategy to connect with the savvy digital customers that represent the future of their brand.

Spil you run gamified BitPlay campaigns, every respondent is added to your private SMS messaging list. This database will quickly grow into a valuable digital asset that can be used to advance your marketing objectives – enlargening sales, engagement, awareness, sampling, and more.

Games are the key. People look forward to BitPlay content, keeping them opted-in and active. BitPlay is your playmate ter making SMS messaging a key pile of your digital strategy.

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