GainBitCoin Review – Legit Buying, Selling – Mining Bitcoin Chance?

GainBitCoin is a company that combines cloud mining and network marketing to provide opportunities for individuals to invest the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC) to earn a come back on investment and also recruit other investors to earn referral income.

What Is GainBitCoin?

GainBitCoin claims to have bot founded ter 2013, which is borne out of the webstek’s domain registration information. The webpagina itself is registered to a Mark Lee, the address lists an office ingewikkeld ter Singapore.

However, Lee may not be the proprietor of the company but just an employee. Other information available on the internet claims that the founder of GainBitCoin is known spil Amit Kumar, an India-based cryptocurrency pro who has bot involved ter the Bitcoin community for some time.

Neither of thesis identities have bot verifiable.

GainBitCoin Product

GainBitCoin ostensibly sells “contracts” that provide monthly comebacks ter exchange for investment funds. Thesis contracts run for Legal months and promise an approximate 10% output vanaf month. All prices are ter BTC.

Thesis contracts are serious investments. The lowest tier contract, the Basic Project, has a cost of 1 BTC – omschrijving to around $1,000 USD – and the most expensive is listed spil 13.75 BTC – almost $14,000 USD.

However, GainBitCoin also offers monthly services. The cost of a Basic Project paid monthly starts at 0.05 BTC vanaf month, while the top tier costs 0.83 BTC vanaf month.

GainBitCoin Chance

Ter addition to the average 10% ROI promised by GainBitCoin, investors can also earn extra funds by referring fresh investors to the program. On every rechtstreeks referral, investors receive 5% of the sales spil a toeslag ter the next withdrawal cycle.

GainBitCoin Verdict

The world of cryptocurrency is big business, and it represents major opportunities to earn what could very much turn out to be a fortune – especially if the valuation of Bitcoin resumes to rise spil it has bot.

There’s only two ways to build up bitcoin. The very first way is to purchase it on a digital currency exchange, usually with fiat currency like the USD.

The other way is to “mine” it, which involves investing money te expensive pc equipment to run the complicated math problems on the Bitcoin blockchain ter exchange for the currency.

Most people don’t have the wherewithal to build a rack of servers to mine bitcoin. This is where cloud mining services come ter – they offerande a cut of the BTC they mine if you invest te them, which provides the company capital to purchase and maintain their banks of mining equipment.

This is what GainBitCoin purports to do – and they’re not alone, spil there are slew of companies around the world that suggest such services.

However, with bitcoin being a decentralized, unregulated cryptocurrency, there’s a high risk of being defrauded or scammed, which makes it crucial to fully vettig any cloud mining operation before investing your hard-earned funds into it.

Wij’re not sure if GainBitCoin passes the test. It seems odd that a cloud mining clothing would have an affiliate recruitment program associated with it. This raises the specter of a possible scam, spil funds deposited by fresh recruits could then be used to provide the ROI for existing investors.

There’s no evidence of this happening, tho’ there have bot some heated exchanges on message boards across the internet where GainBitCoin affiliates have argued long and hard against detractors that the company is a legitimate cloud mining operation.

A mark te GainBitCoin’s favor is that it has bot ter operation since 2013. That is a rather promising sign, considering that recruitment-based scams usually collapse very quickly, especially te the event that recruiting efforts diegene off.

At the same time, there’s no way of knowing for sure what’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s because of this ambiguity that wij feel the need to caution anyone interested te investing ter cloud mining with GainBitCoin. Even a whiff of controversy is too much for us – if you’re looking to pauze into cloud mining, our recommendation is to find a more reputable company.

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