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Xyratex Autodesk branded RS-1200 5412E hard drives (using ANY supported drive)

Well wij picked up a “few” Xyratex RS-1220-F4-5412E Autodesk systems a few years ago, you know the ones with the AD22 firmware that is locked.

Total cost wasgoed $40usd for Four including a shed fountain of spare controllers & drive sleds

The controllers are generally marked:

RS-LRC-F4-5412E-1024-ADSK 08 Mar-31 (glad decade!!)

RS-LRC-F4-5402E-1024-ADSK 06 21 (almost a tiener)

Unluckily no drives were included.

Had a quick look on the internet to see if wij could find anything on “non Autodesk” drives, mostly just people telling that the devices were locked to drives with a special FW AD02 or AD03

Others were telling there wasgoed a magic firmware AD20 or something…….

I had a few hours to throw at it the other day, since I wasgoed waiting for some fresh PCB’s to assist te a hack of the fresh Seagate F3 drives with locked down firmware.

Wij burnt some drives with a drive sig of XR36 & XR83 inserted them into the array but nothing wasgoed displaying up , other than the drives were “unsupported”

I cannae switch the laws of physics Captain

But it’s ter here some place

HP Servers with Non HP Disk Drives, Where is Temperature Sensor #29 on DL380?

I have a huis built system consisting of several HP Proliant DL380 Gen7 & Gen8 servers.

Now normally when sitting idle thesis are solid servers with fairly low power consumption and ter many cases Whisper quiet when under no explosion.

That wasgoed until a latest upgrade of a failed disk drive.

Actually the server went from one seagate drive to almost exactly the SAME specimen of Seagate drive with a slight difference te the part number.

From a ST2000LM007 to ST2000LM015, both are: Two.Five″, SATA 6Gb/s 5400RPM, 128Mb ram.

This ordinary switch has left the internal ventilatoren running at 90% of utter speed and continual warnings of the drives overheen heating.

It is believed that this is a “pseudo sensor”, take a bunch of system temperatures pass them however a formula or table matrix and arrive at some sort of “system Health” number.

Why think this?, because it is possible to “fool” this sensor te reporting different temperatures that are not related to anything temperature like te particular

There has also bot a very interesting support note released by HP recently covering most of the HP production and EOL systems.

I think what wij are looking at is not actually a system problem ,but rather a iLO X problem, or more likely a vormgeving “feature” to lock down the hardware.

Why would anyone run a server without disk drives?, simple…. cloud implementation… throw te a few optical connectors to an optical switch and a fiber based NAS

and you have very cheap computing systems that can be lightly configured from a central location ,no local disk drives needed.

Problem is, that this increase te fan speed “by design” spil HP likes to waterput it , is potentially violating the law of some countries related to Environmental influence of electronic equipment.

Those reserve ramped up ventilatoren are adding 90-100W to the power consumption , which equates to overheen 2KWh a day. which adds up to several hundred KWh vanaf year of power that is being “deliberately wasted” for no reason what so everzwijn(parts NOT fitted ter the server, spil an option to SAVE power resources.).

coreos-cloudinit not found. Could not validate config.

When Installing coreos, this is a common problem depending on the ‘live CD’ used:

./coreos_install.sh -d /dev/sdb -C stable -c

./coreos_install.sh: coreos-cloudinit not found. Could not validate config. Continuing. \

All manner of ‘solutions’ emerge on the internet, actually it is simply stating that ‘coreos-cloudinit’

The reason being that the so called install scripts are actually not fully integrated.

Simply following the instructions at :

will ONLY work IF you use a liveCD that contains ‘coreos-cloudinit’

Get ter the prerequisites very first:

1. Build your cloud-config.yaml BUT validate it very first at:

Then ensure that you perform the following BEFORE attempting the installation

your working directory:

#ensure you waterput the binary on a path where it can be found

cp coreos-cloudinit /usr/bin/coreos-cloudinit

Then cd back to your original working directory where you have:

coreos-install.sh (or whatever you called it)

./coreos-install.sh -d /dev/sdb -C stable -c

Checking availability of “local-file”

Fetching user-data from datasource of type “local-file”

Downloading the signature for http://stable.release.core-os.netwerk/amd64-usr/current/coreos_production_image.bin.bz2.

2015-07-02 20:12:43 URL:http://stable.release.core-os.nipt/amd64-usr/current/coreos_production_image.bin.bz2.sig [543/543] -> “/tmp/coreos-install.GLOoJSUz0c/coreos_production_image.bin.bz2.sig” [1]

Downloading, writing and verifying coreos_production_image.bin.bz2.

2015-07-02 20:14:03 URL:http://stable.release.core-os.nipt/amd64-usr/current/coreos_production_image.bin.bz2 [196978663/196978663] -> “-” [1]

gpg: Signature made Thu Jun Legal 17:08:09 2015 HKT using RSA key ID xxxxxxxxx

gpg: key xxxxxxxxx marked spil ultimately trusted

gpg: checking the trustdb

gpg: Three marginal(s) needed, 1 finish(s) needed, PGP trust prototype

gpg: depth: 0 valid: 1 signed: 0 trust: 0-, 0q, 0n, 0m, 0f, 1u

gpg: Good signature from “CoreOS Buildbot (Offical Builds) “

Success! CoreOS stable current is installed on /dev/sdb

And that gets you to the next stage.

Allwinner (SUNXI) A20 getting two CPU up

Te my real work, I need a pre-boxed rekentuig at a throwaway price, something I can walk into a server-room covertly stick inwards a server cabinet, power-up and then use spil a secured ‘base’ from where I can find out ‘what the hell is going on’ (all with the approval of ‘upper management’)

I have bot playing about with the various versions of the TV opbergruimte ‘construct’, what I need is a cheap secure (relatively speaking)

throwaway pc that contains in-bulit WIFI/Ethernet/Bluetooth USB and te a nice sealed case I can pack with epoxy……

Presently I use two units

840A (A20 – dualcore) & 809 III (3188-quadcore)

Looking about on the internet you will see the A20 being hacked all overheen the place ( even at wrt), however when you look a little bit closer you will see that te many of the Kernel startup logs that ONLY ONE CPU is actually enabled and active.

Indeed if you use the ‘released’ SUN-XI code… guess what…. yep only one CPU comes up or you have to begin using their ‘closed binary blobs’ for the functionality.(Having worked with some Chinese software developers… I would NEVER permit any Chinese built closed source on my network).

Whilst this is still a work ter progress wij have gotten this far.

[ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0

[ 0.000000] Linux version Three.Nineteen.0-rc1-00011-g53262d1-dirty ([email protected]) (gcc version Four.6.Trio (Ubuntu/Linaro Four.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #14 SMP Sat Dec 27 13:53:26 HKT 2014

[ 0.000000] CPU: ARMv7 Processor [410fc074] revision Four (ARMv7), cr=10c5387d

[ 0.000000] CPU: PIPT / VIPT nonaliasing gegevens cache, VIPT aliasing instruction cache

[ 0.000000] Machine prototype: I12 / Q5 / QT840A A20 tvbox

[ 0.001489] CPU: Testing write buffer coherency: ok

[ 0.001836] CPU0: update cpu_capacity 1024

[ 0.001853] CPU0: thread -1, cpu 0, socket 0, mpidr 80000000

[ 0.001928] Setting up static identity schrijfmap for 0x403d4b80 – 0x403d4bd8

[ 0.003335] CPU1: update cpu_capacity 1024

[ 0.003341] CPU1: thread -1, cpu 1, socket 0, mpidr 80000001

[ 0.003428] Brought up Two CPUs

[ 0.003449] CPU: All CPU(s) began ter HYP mode.

[ 0.003455] CPU: Virtualization extensions available.

Turning USB peripherals BadUSB (A confession……)

There is presently a ‘stink’ about this article:

Thesis guys emerge to have waterput a fairly an amount of research into this subject and attack vector.

However I’m disappointed about how little research and citations of prior work they seem to have included, even if it is not based around USB devices it is still relevant.

Then there is the ‘case’ of the 3rd party publicly available code to reprogram the SAME USB device released BEFORE their presentation.

USB Storage devices – embedded Trojan analysis/implementation (USB Nand-Flash)

How wij can build powerful analysis instruments from Ebay crap….

There is lots of cool scrap available on Ebay, specifically items from movie processing companies/telecom companies that sold their scrap to clowns who were supposed to ‘ruin it’ ( you know the ones, who advertise ‘secure destruction’ of equipment).

All you need is a JTAG pod, frequency generator (NE555), multi-tester and a little bit of time.

Back Te Jan I threw together a library for reading Nand-flash chips on the Arduino, part of the reason for this wasgoed to attempt to throw together a plain and very cost-effective way to read Nand-flash chips.

Unluckily it wasgoed a failure due to the read speeds…. BUT….

USB miners and the Dipo Electronic Nineteen port 20A USB Hub

This is a Nineteen port hub with an integral power supply that is capable of reliably supplying MORE than 700mA vanaf port without overheating or becoming a fire hazard.

Dipo hub , with engineering modifications for reliability

Some of the Basic specifications:

– Fully 480mb/s at each port

– 16 Pui facing Standard A USB ports

– Trio Side facing Standard A

– 1 Master hub connection Standard B for connection to Computing Equipment or other hubs

– Fully fused internally via numerous poly-fuse resettable fuses both on each individual port and on the main power feed to the Ports.

– UK/European standard Three speld power cork

Unlike cheaper USB ports that only implement linksaf at USB 1.0 standard (12mb/s speeds but state they are ‘compatible’ with USB Two.0) this is a professional Utter 480 Mb/s port that serves and implements the total Two.0 USB standard. It may also be used to connect to generic USB 1.0 equipment.

The good thing about thesis hubs is that you can geyser them up with Nineteen Bi-Fury miners (around 76 gh/s) and the miners would STILL run spil intended.

The supplier is a Chinese company wij have bot working with, each hub wij sell is probed both at the electrical and electronic levels to ensure the onberispelijk functionality of the product.

It can be purchased here:

Bit coin miner from Ebay scrap The Solar debateVIII)

It wasgoed not until the commence of this year (2013) that there has bot such a long run of exponential increases te the bitcoin difficulty.

Current difficulty is 26162876 with a PPS share rate of 0.00000092 BTC (actually it is lower once you consider fees etc)

After mining for a few years using various systems- CPU, GPU, FPGA.. The time has now come to reconsider the situation….

B.F.L have continually failed to produce what they promised they were experts in…. Power consumption does not match,shipping does not match, quality does not match.

Back te January, they were telling delivery would be ter Two months, they are still claiming that all back orders would be cleared before end of September 2013, personally I find this unlikely since they STILL have not shipped any of my orders, and for them to clear the backlog, they should at least have my orders ter ‘production'(I’m ter the top quarter of their estimated order book).

Plus the number of people who have had fresh ASIC lijm only for it to fail abysmally is rapidly enhancing..

I have determined to give them until the middle of August and then I’m pulling the butt-plug on the orders.

Bit coin miner from Ebay scrap D’oh. (VII)

Its Always good to take a look at past work…

Inparticular the VHDL…. hay it looks ok so it Voorwaarde be ok…

When I say look at it, I mean from a totally different perspective…

Bit coin miner from Ebay scrap (VI)

One major kwestie with generating bitcoins is getting rid of the warmth from the crypto hashing engines. This is partially due to poor vormgeving of many of the crypto engines, or the incessant need of miners to over-clock the equipments until the errors are te dual figures….

However many Bitcoin miners do not take into account the ambient temperature when designing their cooling solutions( and some cooling solutions are just CRAP… blue flashing lights anyone?, radioactive coolant?…. but ..but. is green and it glows ter the dark…yep… chicks just dig flashy lights and green coolant.)

Bit coin miner from Ebay scrap (V)

Te fact wij have made some excellent progress

Bit coin miner From Ebay scrap (IV)

Overall the results from using the Ebay scrap were positive

The boards are a little long making programming via JTAG difficult, not to mention the 14 Speld IDC connector is not indeed suitable for a standard 14 speld IDC ass-plug (a fact I discovered AFTER I returned from China with a bag utter of parts).

There were a number of issues with the FORA(For-a) movie processing boards.

  • After digging about wij find that the FPGA core voltage has bot stationary at 0.97v
  • This is a little low for zindelijk mining

  • Wij had to unwrap out an extra component that supported the PCI bus spil the part wasgoed running from the 3V3 supply.
  • Failure to liquidate it would be driving the chip at 170% of its rating thereby forcing it to dump several hundred moeder spil heat…

    Yep Wij had an Idea that there wasgoed something shitty about the power-supply setup…

    The Bellinix modules used are ‘programmable’ via an outer sense resistor, problem wasgoed that when wij substituted the sense resistor NOTHING happened to the supply voltage, te fact totally removing the sense resistor also had no effect.

    * UPDATE 29Th June 2013, wij ultimately tracked this down to a defective Bellinix module…

    Wij can now adjust the core voltage for the FPGA via a system that reprograms the DC/DC PSU module.

    Further delay on the Ebay bitcoin miner (1 Hour……)

    After eventually getting the power supply of the existing miner back on line, wij found that the FOR-A

    experimental cards had gone dead.

    Ter fact Two FOR-A cards had gone dead.

    Bit of a delay on the Ebay bitcoin miner

    There wij are going total sway building another fresh mining equipment, only to getup this morning to find one of the old bitcoin equipments has gone tits up……

    Thanks again to “XILENCE” and their shitty ATX PSU’s.

    Last time I had problems I determined to split out the equipments and dual supply the FPGA’s to avoid any problems.

    Bitcoin Miner from Ebay Scrap (Part III)

    A duo of days ago I posted a screen slok of the Ebay Scrap miner pushing 120MH/s

    Today I have a screen slok at 150MH/s

    Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap (Part II)

    The time has eventually come to Build our bitcoin miner.

    • Ebay Scrap FPGA
    • Cost <,$100USD
    • Speed >,150MH/s
    • UART Interface
    • Standard ATX rekentuig Power supply

    Building a Bitcoin miner from Ebay Scrap, with possible option of litecoin conversion

    I’m programma to do an article on how to convert Ebay scrap FPGA into bitcoin miners.

    Target cost is going to be about $100USD vanaf 200MH/s (cost mostly on the ebay scrap)

    so ter the case of this…

    It would only cost you $400usd.

    Now obviously it is not going to have the same ‘pro’ grind spil this top of the line product.. but what do you want for 400 bucks..

    Yep I know ASICS are coming soon and that Avalon is already on the market.

    Rather it is a last ditch attempt for people to have a final dabble te bitcoin, before the shit hits the fan and mining becomes unlikely for most ‘normal’ people.

    Who knows this shit may even sell for $250,000USD ter 30 years just like the Apple 1

    Litecoin… well lets see what is possible…. but from early experiments it is not cost effective even at $100Us because the KH/s rate is way too low

    So if anyone is interested postbode a comment, maybe even check out the advertisers.

    Well everyone else does it so I can too…….

    Xilence PSU truly are fairly poor quality.

    So today I went out and purchased a duo of Xilence PSU (XP500), specifically because they were rated at 30.0A at 3V3.

    Wij needed a fairly strong 3V3 supply rail to feed a duo of maxim buck converters down to 0.98v for an FPGA project.

    You would think that [email protected] would be able to treat such a ordinary situation.

    Well you would be dead wrong..

    After loading the PSU upto 6A the supply rail dropped to 3v1 wij then added another 6A flow and the rail succesnummer 2V98 Also the 12V rail began to sag down to 11v8 volts and the 5V rail succesnummer 4V8, even with no loading applied to anything other than the 3V3 rail.

    Considering thesis supplies are rated at [email protected], wij should not see such poor power degradation with what is basically a 12A loading on the 3V3 rail.

    By the time wij were at [email protected] the 3v3 rail wasgoed below 2v9 and the 12V rail wasgoed also te decline.

    Furthermore the power supply commenced to make a sound spil if there wasgoed a screw liberate ter the cooling fan, removal of the fountain caused the sound to vanish.

    I’m of the mind that something wasgoed violating down inwards the PSU whenever the 3V3 supply wasgoed loaded.

    OK fine let us voeling their support…

    After ultimately getting their support system to accept the email request and supplying the PSU serial number

    I STILL have NOT had a reply after 7 Days….

    Is the quality of the Xilence PSU bad or is the application unsuitable?

    Well, to waterput this te perspective, I also purchased a indeed shitty Chinese made ATX-320T PSU that claims it can supply [email protected], this thing cost less than $11USD(I kid you not)

    After Four months at an overcharge of [email protected] the supply rail on the Chinese PSU has dipped down to 3V2 the 12V rail is at 12V2 and the thing is still spil quiet spil a whisper, plus no magic blue smoke daemon has appeared.

    Do not Everzwijn buy Xilence PSU’s, it may even be better to purchase that shittly little Chinese brand after all.

    Xilence PSU’s emerge to suck arse so badly that you would NOT want one inwards your laptop.

    By the way their internal build quality on the PSU is basically ‘Fucking abysmal’, parts of the inline filterzakje are ‘flapping about’ te the air spil if it wasgoed an afterthought needed to pass the EMI standards.

    Whilst there may be many Xilence the market, such poor power regulation can only lead to gravely stressed pc parts and early failure of equipment.

    Time to terugwedstrijd this Xilence crap to the shop and save some serious money.

    Bitcoin: A revamp of our XUPV5-LX110T FPGA mining equipment (now quicker)

    Since the ASIC order went tits up at Tom’s ASIC fuckfest and BFL STILL have not delivered product, wij spent the time working on our existing FPGA miner.

    Xilinx development boards are actually very good and it is a wilsbeschikking to the vormgeving of the Power-supplies that wij managed to shove the Bitcoin mining vormgeving to 200MH/s ,But why wasgoed the houtvezelplaat consuming 47W when hashing kasstuk 200MH/s?

    The secondary kwestie wasgoed why the logic would not go quicker than 200MH/s, even with improved FIFO & UART communication routines, attempt spil wij might I would not work, I had shoved the same FPGA to 250MHZ for another project, so it wasgoed unlikely to be clock related.

    It now seems that all thesis issues have now bot solved after designing a downright fresh Power supply with improved layout (wij also added two MASSIVE power planes which also act spil a warmth submerge).

    The FPGA vormgeving is now consuming 10W-15W vanaf houtvezelplaat and wij have shoved the core to 370MH/s… yep a single core doing 370Mh/s….

    So where is the power going?

    0v95 Supply is sitting at about 6-7 Amps.

    3v3 Supply is consuming about 1 amp, but that can be diminished since wij have about 16 diagnostic LED’s strung off the IOAUX power line.

    Wij may need to attempt and parallel up a duo of the 0v95 supplies te an attempt to cool the switching FETS down, wij could just switch the Capacitor/Inductor fet configuration, but that can be a real ache to get working efficiently, far lighter to just parallel up a duo of supplies.

    What is the point with ASICS being released soon?

  • Wij just picked up a stream of FPGA’s very cheap on Ebay
  • The cost of a single Bitcoin is overheen $100USD
  • Wij only need to mine 1.Five coins and the FPGA’s are basically ‘free’
  • Once the FPGA’s can no longer be used to mine Bitcoins, there is Litecoin.
  • Yep ter good old hacker style, wij may have discovered a weakness ter the Litecoin system that would permit us to mine without consuming massive amounts of ram.

    Wij say ‘might’ because wij have only looked at the system very superficially, but if wij are juist then with a minor spectacle succesnummer wij could limit down the ram size.

    bitcointalk.org hardcore-fs

    Wij have recently re-gained control of this webpagina, back from an admin-user.

    This person wasgoed given the capability to postbode spil the admin of the webpagina.

    A number of forums related to bit-coin (https://bitcointalk.org) have bot linked here, thesis linksom will remain spil will the research.

    Unluckily, the person involved is still causing mischief on some sites, mainly by reusing certain monikers and requiring payment for the release of them.

    Wij attempted to re-route the ownership of the accounts via email, but failed.

    The person ter question has also bot issued a cease and desist letterteken from our solicitors.

    To make matters more ingewikkeld thesis monikers have bot te use for several years on other non bit-coin sites and since the SEO connected to thesis monikers has some value they have also bot appearing te Eastern-Europe.

    For the record, most of the technical analysis posted on various bit-coin forums (https://bitcointalk.org) is not under the ownership of the person using the moniker, but rather from a secondary source and then re-worded.

    The project wasgoed to build SEO linksom of ‘slim and useful material’ related to various aspects of bit-coin.

    Spil regards the email address:

    har***[email protected], this is now under control of a different admin.

    Bitcoin Samsung 2440 Host controller

    Spil is the way, wij were sidetracked into taking a look at getting WiFi working on the Samsung 2440 embedded control houtvezelplaat, the idea being that wij could have a backup system for when:

    1.HongKong telecom manage to cut the telephone lines.

    Two.The shitty little HKT ADSL modem or its PSU burst into flames again, yep it only takes them Trio DAYS to get a replacement to you.

    Three.Dock with my mobile phone, since that has unlimited gegevens rate, which means I can cut one ADSL & one router from the mix I am presently using.

    Sadly getting WIFI working on an embedded houtvezelplaat is not that effortless, EVEN with linux

    Attempted downloading ‘compat-wireless-2012-12-17’, but unluckily the integral bash scripts wont run under busy opbergruimte on the embedded system.

    Attempted downloading Bash for the embedded system, but it won’t compile, instead providing a segmentation error.

    Attempted cross compiling the needed wireless libraries… fail……

    It’s not that I cannot figure it out, but rather how much is my time worth to get WIFO working on what is basically a dead out of date underpowered houtvezelplaat.

    For $89USD+$30USD shipping wij can get an up-to-date Quad core samsung4412 at-least Four times quicker than a Pi and with enough memory to run a miner controller for a good many ASIC miner units and it comes with a functioning wireless installation of linux.

    Bitcoin FIFO

    Te a previous posting wij outlined the use of a FIFO inbetween the Bitcoin engine (SHA256(SHA256(x))) and the communication circuit.

    There have bot a number of discussions about the futility of this implementation, along with the posting of various quantities of ‘dubious’ facts used by a number of people to backup the keuze of why a FIFO is an exercise ter futility.(a little thought into the actual statements, shows a massive & glaring mistake, that shows the same level of ineptitude spil the greek governments capability to understand their current situation)

    One key fact te my usage of a FIFO wasgoed to separate the Clock circuits of the communication & generation logic, failure to perform this, results ter the need to continually adjust the counters used te the UART to match the master clock, this in-turn prevents the UART being “black-boxed”, because the UART needs to be continually re-routed te the logic, each time the clock frequency is switched, this ter turn causes continual problems with the routing resources producing “random” results.

    To date the 220MH/s core with the integral FIFO has bot performing admirably, so what wij are now going to do , is substitute the handwritten FIFO VHDL with an integral core that is hardware specific to the virtex5.

    It turns out that those clever people overheen at Xilinx added reserve circuitry to the RAMB32 infrastructure to treat FIFO implementation ter the RAM logic, even more interestingly, the FIFO is capable of operating at up to 550Mhz.

    Since wij are not actually using all the integral ram inwards the Virtex Five, it is about time wij substituted our generic VHDL FIFO with this infrastructure. At the very least it is extra logic that will no longer need to be routed to the same extent spil it presently is, the only down side is that the ondergrens sized FIFO wij can implement is 512 levels deep…. rather than our current 16 levels ter the generic FIFO.

    Wij can simulate this modification to death, but that is indeed not going to give us any insight into the actual results once it is implemented ter the logic.

    The very first task will be to implement a single clock FIFO to substitute the generic implementation.

    After that, wij will implement a dual clocked version with dual port ram, this will permit us to separate the clocks for the nonce communication & generation circuits, and if that works then wij might begin looking at inserting a FIFO Inbetween the SHA256 generators, again it might be possible to use this to ‘pauze up’ the logic and increase the speed at which the SHA256 calculations can be operated.

    Related movie: Webstek MINING BITCOIN TERCEPAT $35 SEHARI TERBARU Kosteloos

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