Ethereum Gold, Erc20 Token Exchange, Digital Currency Mining

World’s Very first Brainy Mining ICO Token

ETHG Token Distribution

Ethereum GoldВ is a World’s Very first Clever Mining Token. It is a project that promises to advance Ethereum’s brainy contracts to make them accessible te a broad diversity of applications. The ETHG mission is to promote and support research, development, and education to bring decentralized financial instruments to the world that empower investors to earn phat comebacks te the long run by investing te ETHG .

ETHG use the ERC 20 protocol for peer-to-peerВ transactions. All ETHG transactions will be recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure immutability and transparency.

Ethereum Gold is an wise Mining Contract. Our main concentrate is miner can mine ETHG without any Miner.

How to mine ETHG?

Create ETHG wallet on and buy some ETHG from Exchange or Our webstek. Download a Digital Mining Software for ETHG Mining. Prizes of ETHG mining will be add your ETHG wallet on the voet of your holding of ETHG.

How to Circulate ETHG Supply?

ETHG Supply is basically depends on Digital Mining Software (DMS). 70 Millions ETHG circulate te market by Pre-Sale and 140 Millions ETHG circulate ter market by Digital Mining Software.

How to Circulate 140 Millions ETHG te market by DMS?

Every Five Minutes generate a ETHG Block and the number of ETHG generated vanaf block starts at 100 and is halved every Four,Ten,000 blocks (about four years). Prizes will distribute to DMS Miner.

A scalable user-friendly verhoging that can lightly be adopted ter mass. Wij are permanently updating, since wij are always looking for the best way to adapt to switching conditions. Here’s what wij have planned for the future:

  • Initial release of the coin into the market, this will include limber programmable ledgers or protocols that vastly enhance the usefulness of Blockchain Technology
  • Developing DMS ” Digital mining software” which plans to “globalize digitized contracts and offerande better funding alternatives.”
  • Development of wise contracts which are designed to be ass-plug and play te layman terms.
  • Working on clever alternative contracts, the project to make this technology more appealing to the average person.
  • Integration of cross chain interchanging, this is an experimental feature on many altcoins. This feature will permit trading on numerous block chains without going through an intermediary such spil shapeshift. Wij think that it is invaluable and are working around the clock for its implementation.
  • Eventually, a decentralized payments system, Globalizing Digitized Contracts to the developers and non-developers!

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