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App Store Optimization

Detect keywords that can help your app get more downloads. Get keyword suggestions and use our Recommended Deeds to get a head embark on your ASO.

Market Intelligence

Get download estimations to understand what it takes to get top rankings ter app stores. Project your advertisement budget with our App Promotion Project module.

App Analytics

Our free app tracking product gives you the easiest way to track your app and challenging apps. Get invaluable insights and monitor app rankings, keywords and reviews.

Recommended Deeds

Recommended Deeds gives you customized strategies and suggestions for your app. This will help you boost your app’s downloads, Visibility Score and much more!

Keyword Intelligence

See the top keywords for any app, ranked by estimated percentage of total organic downloads. Understanding which keywords are the most significant to an app will permit you to quickly identify keywords that could work well for your app.

Custom-made Alerts

Keep an eye on your apps or challenging apps. Get monthly, weekly, daily or instant email alerts when there are app updates, top keyword rankings switches and fresh app reviews. You can also get alerts that display you the largest gainers and thickest losers on the Top Charts.

Our Customers Depend On Our Gegevens

Here Are The Most Common Use Cases

Ad Agencies

Get essential gegevens on the top ranking apps ter the market.

Find out estimated downloads and revenue for every app on the app stores and tailor your advertising strategy accordingly. Zekering guessing and embark making data-driven decisions.


Maximize your marketing budget by getting deeper insights into app store gegevens. Use Market Intelligence to see industry-wide trends and find the apps that you should pay attention to.

Your competition has access to this gegevens. Shouldn’t you?

Mobile Developers

Get updates on how your app is doing on the app stores and monitor your competition. See what users are telling about your app through Review Analysis.

Understand which keywords have the potential to increase your organic downloads. Track your keywords daily and get custom-made alerts on metrics that matter to you.


Get the gegevens you need to make an informed decision on your next investment. Our toneelpodium will provide you with revenue and download estimates on the app you are looking to invest te.

Utilize our Publisher Leaderboard to analyze the competition and find out how an app compares to other apps te the marketplace.

They LOVE Mobile Act

After reviewing many different App Store Optimization instruments for tracking organic rankings and discovering the best keywords to concentrate on, Mobile Activity offers the best value.

Robert J. Weber

Wij’re glad with market intelligence provided by Mobile Act. Also It has bot proved to be invaluable for our ASO effort!

Brian Yu

Co-founder of 9GAG

Mobile Act has bot utterly helpful te helping increase app discovery for Runtastic. Working with them has provided fresh insights on how to increase organic downloads, which are the best kleintje!

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