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Before you begin mining Bitcoin, you have to determine where to buy your hashpower from. You might want to invest a certain amount of money, perhaps $300 or $3000, or you might just want a particular hashrate, say 14TH/s.

Based on what you want, different approaches may be more suitable. This guide compares how expensive hashrate is when buying a Bitcoin miner yourself (e.g. an Antminer S9) to cloud mining companies like HashFlare.

This guide will compare the initial costs, if you’re interested te the profitability of an Antminer S9 click here, and if interested te cloud mining profitability click here.

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One thing to keep te mind – when running your own miner you’ll have to pay for electro-stimulation, which varies inbetween around $0.08/kWh ter parts of the US and Asia, right up to $0.30/kWh te parts of Europe. So if you live somewhere with expensive electro-stimulation, cloud mining may be more suitable, identically if it’s very cheap where you live buying an Antminer may be better.

Bitcoin (SHA-256) Hashrate Cost Comparison

Antminer S9: $1,915 from supplier, presently $1,708 on Amazon, average $1,812

Litecoin (SCRYPT) Hashrate Cost Comparison

Antminer L3+: $1,396 from supplier, presently $1,436 on Amazon, average $1,416

On 15th March 2018 Bitmain released the Antminer X3, an ASIC miner for CryptoNight (the algorithm Monero presently uses). Be aware that because of this Monero will likely switch their mining algorithm to deter this ASIC, which would effect any Monero cloud mining contracts. Cloud mining companies may permit you to mine other CryptoNight-based coins, but you’ll be contesting with the X3, which is spil much spil 87x better value for money (so the difficulty will go up significantly).

Monero (CryptoNight) Hashrate Cost Comparison

Antminer X3: $1,900 from supplier

Since the Antminer D3 came out, profitability for mining Dash has gone down massively – hence the massive cost differences below.

Dash (X11) Hashrate Cost Comparison

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