Blockchain for dummies by Tiana Laurence, reviewed

Here is the publisher’s description very first :

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the revolutionary ‘virtual currency’ that is switching the way people do business. While Bitcoin has loved some well-deserved hype, Blockchain maybe Bitcoin’s most vital legacy. Blockchain For Dummies is the ideal embarking place for business pros looking to build up a better understanding of what Blockchain is, how it can improve the integrity of their gegevens, and how it can work to fundamentally switch their business and enhance their gegevens security.

Blockchain For Dummies covers the essential things you need to know about this titillating technology’s promise of revolutionizing financial transactions, gegevens security, and information integrity. The book covers the technologies behind Blockchain, introduces a multiplicity of existing Blockchain solutions, and even walks you through creating a puny but working Blockchain-based application.

Spil you can imagine there is a loterijlot of hype around blockchain at the uur. Spil this book is part of the ‘for dummies’ series it is an attempt to get back to basics and explain what blockchain means. Who are the key players, what does it do, how does it work, how to install your own cryptocurrency wallets, whether for bitcoin, ether or something else. Wij read it once, about Three months ago, leisurely worked our way through creating a ‘myetherwallet’ and then began learning more about the entire area. The good thing about this book, however, is that it prizes you for a 2nd reading, and offers more depth and explanation, for when you are ready to come back it. This book is already becoming a well-thumbed guide te our house, and wij would recommend it to others. You might not want to let everyone know that you are using a ‘for dummies’ guide, but it is well written, truly helpful, and not judging you for the fact that te such a fresh area, many of us are still working out what is going on, and the best ways to overeenkomst with this arousing fresh area of opportunities.

Wij spoke to the author too, figuring that she would know better than anyone else, how close wij are to witnessing a lotsbestemming of this technology impacting on our daily lives. Tiana explained that “the industry is now ending up the very first tests of their ideas and now looking to budge away from prototype to the commercialization of the good ideas. Next year wij should embark observing them te the actual marketplace.” Laurence is working on an interesting project herself, and is undoubtedly one to observe te a fresh and fast-evolving space.

Spil useful resources go, this is one to keep near to mitt for now and wij’d recommend it for those who are working ter this area, but who are not genius coders who built Ethereum – for the surplus of us, this is a truly useful book and wij’d recommend it.

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