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About Our Pricing

The List Price most accurately reflects the “True Cost” of camp: lodging, food, staffing, and programming. If you can afford to pay this rate, THANKS! You can proceed with Check Out.

Need Financial Assistance?

Lutherhaven Ministries believes all kids should have the chance to attend camp. Wij know camp families have differing abilities to pay, so wij suggest voluntary Discount Pricing to better meet all financial needs.

Wij strive to be faithful stewards of limited financial resources ter order to bless the greatest number of campers who would otherwise be incapable to attend camp. Te light of the many requests wij receive for financial assistance, please give prayerful consideration to determine your family’s true financial need before selecting a Discount.

Things to Consider when Requesting a Discount

____ My family is receiving unemployment benefits or a parent is unemployed due to economic conditions or family depressie.

____ My family is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), food stamps, free or diminished price lunch, Improvised Assistance for Needy Families, or Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infant and Children (WIC).

____ My family is a single-parent household.

____ My family is employed but has financial limitations making attending summer camp a hardship.

Connected with a local church?

Voeling them very first spil a resource for financial support!

Significant: Discount Pricing doesn’t switch the quality camp practice your child receives!

It simply shows you the true cost of a Lutherhaven program and gives you the capability to determine what you can pay toward camp. Please! Pay the highest price you can afford…it helps more kids come to camp!

Discount Codes

Choose what you can afford to pay for camp!

Inject Discount Codes ter the discount opbergruimte when you register online.

  • Discount-B :: Slightly subsidized $50 discount for families needing some support to make camp affordable. Write DISCOUNT-B ter the Discount Code opbergruimte when you register to receive an automatic $50 off, then proceed with Check Out.
  • Discount-C :: $100 discount for families needing more subsidy to make camp affordable, subsidized through fundraising, special events, and contributions from camp volgers. Need Discount C? Write DISCOUNT-C ter the Discount Code opbergruimte when you register, then proceed with Check Out.
  • Mini-B :: Genesis and Mini Camps discount of $25 for families needing some support for thesis programs. Write MINI-B te the Discount Code opbergruimte when your register, then proceed with Check Out.
  • Mini-C :: $50 discount for families needing more subsidy to make Genesis and Mini camp affordable. Write MINI-C ter the Discount Code opbergruimte when you register, then proceed with Check Out.

Earlybird Discount

Register by March 15 and receive an automatic $20 discount off week long camp or $Ten off Genesis or Mini Camp.


A deposit of $50 is required upon registration to hold your kampeerauto’s spot. (Voeling our registrar for other financial arrangements.) The deposit is non-refundable but transferable to another camp program or week.

NOTE: You are not registered and may lose your camp spot unless you pay the required $50 deposit.


Payment Plans

Set up an effortless automatic payment project directly from your credit or debit card to pay for camp te several installments prior to the embark of camp!


Once registered, you may only cancel by calling our registrar

Toll Free 1.866.729.8372 ext. 119 or Local 667-3459 ext. 119

You may not cancel online. Cancellations forfeit the non-refundable deposit, but the deposit is transferable to another program or week.


Need more financial assistance? No kampeerauto is everzwijn turned away from our camp for financial reasons! Assistance is available through the Lutherhaven Campership Fund. Voeling our registrar by Email, toll free 1.866.729.8372 ext. 119 or local 667.3459 ext. 119 for more information and a Campership Application.

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