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Advancing Planet Scale Blockchain Interoperability

Global blockchain developments get big boost from industry’s very first open-standards testing environment, thanks to the Trusted IoT Alliance.

The Internet of Things: Five Predictions for 2018

This could be the year when enterprise IoT projects eventually stir beyond merely automating existing business processes, to truly converting industries.

Blockchain and a Safer Self-Driving Future

Automakers are accelerating towards a future of autonomous vehicles, learn how blockchain will add the levels of trust and security necessary for a self-driving future.

Cloud Unfiltered Scene 32: Steve Dake

Ter this gig of Cloud Unfiltered, Steve Dake discusses the importance of “adjacent community work,” why Zuul should pauze off from OpenStack, and the future of Istio.

New-Gen Technologies Make IoT Transformational

Is IoT the driving force for digital transformation? Only when it’s combined with AI, fog computing, and blockchain.

The Digital Age Takes Overheen: Top Five Predictions for Reshaping Value ter 2018 and Beyond

What’s happening ter technology? How is technology switching society and business? Check out Five predictions that will reshape how value is created and determine the winners of the digital age.

Innovations ter Financial Services at Money2020

Artificial Intelligence. Blockchains. Biometric identification. Regulation. Intuitive vormgeving. Inclusion. Globalization. Future banks without a balance sheet.

So, You Wanna Use a Blockchain, Huh?

Thesis days when someone comes and asks mij about how good a use case they have for a blockchain, my reaction has embarked to be somewhat predictable… “So, you wanna

Fresh DevNet Blockchain Sandbox lets you get forearms on with hyperledger coding

You’ve most likely heard of blockchains by now – the relatively fresh technology underpinning a entire host of cryptocurrencies and distributed apps. Blockchains promise arousing solution opportunities across a range of

Blockchain te retail: Cisco launches fresh IoT alliance

You’ve most likely bot hearing a loterijlot about blockchain ter latest months. The technology offers fresh opportunities for better security for retailers, but so far it does not have a clearly

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