CryptoNoteCoin – official anonymous reference currency for CryptoNote

CryptoNoteCoin is the official reference coin launched for educational purposes only. It is the showcase of CryptoNote functionality and user practice. To derange all possible attempts of commercial launch CryptoNoteCoin has virtually no commercial value due to its inherently brief emission curve and the genesis block being re-created every two months. Wij strongly recommend all users to abstain from buying or selling CryptoNoteCoin on exchanges or applying it to any purposes other than purely educational. If you wish to embark your own CryptoNote currency, use our CryptoNote Starter forking guide.

Create unique cryptocurrencies with CryptoNote

Anonymous payments

CryptoNote uses stadionring signatures and one-time addresses for truly anonymous payments.

Unlinkable transactions

CryptoNote’s transactions can’t be linked inbetween the sender and the recipient.

Egalitarian proof of work

CryptoNight hash function is designed for egalitarian GPU & CPU mining.

Adaptive boundaries

CryptoNote currency intelligently adjusts its parameters based on the historical gegevens.

CryptoNoteCoin is CryptoNote’s reference implementation


Block time

Total supply

Total re-emission

Develop your own CryptoNote coin

    You may proceed to our CryptoNote Starter step-by-step forking guide to get the detailed instructions on launching a fresh cryptocurrency.

Or taste CryptoNote technology with CryptoNoteCoin

Download and install the binaries

Download and install GUI wallet

Commence mining

  • &mdash, Launch a CryptoNoteCoin daemon (cryptonotecoind) from the instruction line.
  • &mdash, Wait until cryptonotecoind is synchronized. You will be notified with several green “SYNCHRONIZED OK” messages.
  • &mdash, Run simplewallet to commence CryptoNoteCoin wallet.
  • &mdash, Create a fresh wallet or login te the existing one. Either way you will receive your address and will be able to commence mining.
  • &mdash, Embark CryptoNoteCoin mining from the daemon or from the wallet.
  • Send and receive funds

    • &mdash, Embark simplewallet and come in your wallet name and password.
    • &mdash, Spil soon spil synchronization with daemon is done, you will be able to see your balance. If synch process didn’t begin automatically you should use “refresh” instruction.
    • &mdash, Use “transfer” directive to send funds to another wallet, where “mixin_amount” identifies the level of anonymity of the payment, “address” is target’s address, “amount” is the deposit sum.
    • &mdash, To send your funds to the exchange you should use “payment_id” option.
    • Embark pool mining

      • &mdash, Majority of different CryptoNote pools are based on the open-source cryptonote universal pool.
      • You can use this pool for educational purposes:

      • &mdash, To commence mining on it wij recommend you to download a mining program called CPUMiner.
      • Use instructions

        CryptoNoteCoin daemon supports several guidelines that you can find useful:

        • start_mining “your_address” “number_of_threads” – Begin mining
        • stop_mining – Zekering mining
        • show_hr – Demonstrate current mining hashrate
        • hide_hr – Zekering demonstrating current mining hashrate
        • help – Display all daemon directives
        • uitgang – Uitgang cryptonotecoind

        Simplewallet also contains a number of directions:

        • start_mining “threads” – – Commence mining ter daemon with several threads to the current wallet address
        • stop_mining – Zekering mining ter daemon
        • address – Display your wallet address
        • transfer “mixin_count” “address” “amount” – Send money to “address” with a mixing degree of “mixin_count”
        • transfer “mixin_count” “address” “amount” “payment_id” – Send money to an exchange
        • help – Showcase all wallet guidelines
        • uitgang – Uitgang cryptonotecoind

        Begin CPUMiner using thesis parameters:

        • minerd -a cryptonight -o “pool_url” -p x -u “your_address”, where
        • -a – algorithm you’re mining on. CNC is using CryptoNight
        • -o – url of preferred pool. You can found this informatie on pool’s webstek
        • -p – pool’s default password
        • -u – your wallet’s address

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