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The GTX1060 GPU is a significant upgrade from the past series of GeForce 900 series cards. However, when talking about mining, all of the listed specs for frames vanaf 2nd and number of monitors supported etc, doesn’t mean much. What I can tell you is that for ethereum mining, the GTX1060 is not the fastest card out there, but it also isn’t the most expensive. And when compared with power usage, the GTX1060 is actually pretty amazing for mining Ethereum!

Original MSRP for the 1060 6GB cards wasgoed set at $249 USD, but spil mining request has enlargened, the price has risen and fallen inline with mining profitability. Presently, cards are selling for anywhere from $50-$100 USD above MSRP which deep throats if you just want it for gaming… sorry guys.

Check out our Ethereum Mining GPU comparison below, or go to our main GPU comparison pagina to choose a different GPU series or different coin for mining.

Ethereum Mining GPU Comparison

GTX 1060 6GB GPU Mining Comparison type:

When the GTX 1060 graphics card wasgoed very first released, it wasgoed touted spil the “most advanced GPU architecture everzwijn created.” According to the official NVidia webpagina for the GTX1060 the card produces up to Trio times more spectacle than the previous generation of cards (the 9xx series).

For mining ethereum with the previous GTX 960, you could expect a hashrate of anywhere inbetween Ten to 13 mH/s, and with the GTX1060 6GB cards, out of the opbergruimte they can do 18-20 mH/s – undoubtedly an improvement! And, with overclocking, the 1060 series graphics card can manage up to 25 mH/s. While it isn’t 3x the speed that NVidia is claiming when using the card for gaming, it is about dual the speed of the previous generation of cards.

GTX 1060 Mining Speed Comparison

After searching long and hard for ethereum hashrates and GPU prices, I created the ethereum mining gpu comparison chart. The system automatically checks price and inventory levels for the different models of GTX 1060 GPUs every hour, so that the list is always the most up to date.

Another difficult wij had ter choosing a card wasgoed that each manufacturer seemed to get a slightly different hashrate when using the best GPU for mining ethereum. So, after spending hours scouring Bitcoin and Altcoin forums and compiling the results, the chart for mining hardware comparison ethereum is listed by the cost vanaf mH/s for the cards that are presently available.

How to Ethereum GPU Comparison Chart

If you’re looking for the fastest and best GPU for mining ethereum, then simply look for the GPU with the highest hashrate speed listed ter the “top mining hashrate speed” katern of the mining gpu comparison list. The ‘top mining hashrate speed’ is the fastest mH/s I wasgoed able to find posted online for that specific GTX 1060 6GB etherem mining graphics card.

If you want to get the best overeenkomst on a 1060 6GB ethereum mining GPU, then look for the lowest ‘$ vanaf mH/s’ value ter our GPU comparison chart. Albeit the card with the lowest value ter that katern may not be the fastest mining card, it is the cheapest card when calculated based on how many megahashes vanaf 2nd and compared to the price of the GTX 1060 6GB GPU.

The best price available is listed beside the GPU name, but if you want to see where else the card is available, spil well spil specific settings for the best GPU hash rates, you can click the blue listig below the card name to get total availability, price, and hash rate details. Wij also have the sources listed just ter case you need more information – with the idea you could voeling that forum user, or even reply to their postbode to get more details.

What about the different GTX 1060 memory types?

Depending on the manufacturer of the RAM on the specific GTX 1060 6GB gpu you receive from the place you purchase it, it may come with 1 of Trio different brands of RAM. Those companies are Samsung, Hynix, and Micron.

For some reason, the ethereum mining GPUs that come with Hynix memory are more difficult to overclock, and typically result te a lower overall hashrate for that gpu.

Unluckily there is no way to tell what brand of memory your GPU will have without installing and running the GPU-Z application (which you can download here). Of course, once the opbergruimte has bot opened and the GPU installed, most retailers won’t accept comebacks – there’s a reason it’s bot called the silicon lottery!

There have bot attempts to loom the type of memory and the serial number to attempt and determine if there is a correlation, but with so many different producers of the GTX 1060 GPUs (EVGA, MSI, Zotac and more), it’s never bot truly successful.

Some users online are reporting that cards purchased ter Europe don’t seem to come with Samsung memory and either have Hynix or Micron, while te North America, cards typically have Samsun or Hynix memory.

There are also other ethereum miners who say that depending on your desires for the GTX 1060 6GB ethereum mining GPU, the brand of memory might not make spil much difference spil you’d very first think. For example, if you are looking for the top ethereum hashrate no matter what the electric current usage, than Samsung memory will provide 1 mH/s to Three mH/s more than Hynix memory. But, if you’re looking to undervolt the GTX 1060 for maximum efficiency by backing off the power usage, then the actual mining speed difference could be under 1 mH/s different.

GTX 1060 6GB Ethereum Mining causing GPU Shortage

Once you get outside of the altcoin mining toneel, there’s tons of news and user complaints online about how there is such a shortage ter availability of thesis graphics cards caused by people using them to mine Ethereum. This shortage is causing the price to be inflated, and has many gamers and other PC enthusiasts that aren’t using the GPUs for mining fairly upset.

I think, if there’s such a shortage, and since the Hynix memory is just spil prompt spil the Samsung and Micron memory when used ter gaming applications, then manufacturers should mention on the outside of the GTX 1060 opbergruimte what type of memory is used ter that particular GPU.

I guess this wouldn’t solve the problem totally, because ter theory spil request dropped for the Hynix GPUs, the price would also druppel. But at some point, Ethereum miners would begin buying the GPU anyways because it would be more profitable than the quicker (and slightly more expensive) GTX 1060 cards with Samsung or Micron memory.

Need help building your GTX 1060 Mining Equipment?

Also, here are a duo of YouTube movies where they discuss how they built their mining equipments with the GTX 1060 ethereum mining cards.

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