Genesis Cloud Mining Review: Read Before Investing

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So, you have determined to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and you began researching. During your research, you learned that you will need to spend a lotsbestemming of money to buy the equipment spil well spil to keep it te a good condition. Naturally, you began having 2nd thoughts on mining work, asking yourself is it indeed worth the money. Well, what if wij were to tell you that you can still make a profit from mining work, but actually don’t have to overeenkomst with all of the hassles that go with it? Yep, you’d better believe us, because here wij have just the thing you need – Genesis Cloud Mining. If you want to find out more, keep reading.

About Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is a cryptocurrency mining company, founded ter 2013. Their mining farms are placed somewhere ter Europe, Asia and America. Wij say “somewhere” because the precies locations aren’t exposed to the public for demonstrable safety reasons. This is the most popular mining company (for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies) which you can use with a peace of mind, knowing that it is not a scam (because most of thesis companies are). The members of this Bitcoin mining team are people who believe ter the power of cryptocurrencies and dreamed to support others who share their belief by providing them a safe and ordinary way to obtain cryptocurrencies.

Assuming you don’t know how this company actually works, here is an explanation. Simply waterput, this company is a elementary and safe way to buy hash power without dealing with hardware, cooling, mining equipments, mining pools etc. After making an account, you need to choose the best mining project for you (there are three of them – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account) and embark earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Presently, Genesis Mining counts more than 290,000 members. Let’s see what Genesis Mining has to offerande you.

Why should you choose Genesis Mining?

1. Ease of use

The very first and most visible benefit of Genesis Mining is the ease of use. Spil already mentioned, there is nothing else you need to do to obtain cryptocurrencies, except to make and fund your account and choose a mining project. This is like a wish come true, since you will love the benefits of cryptocurrencies, without actually wrestling with hardware assembly and maintenance at your huis.

Moreover, making an account is ordinary and swift. Also, the interface is well designed, permitting you to promptly find the segment you need. Don’t worry if you are a accomplish beginner because their webstek is indeed effortless to use.

Two. Safe

The problem with mining services is that most of them aren’t legit. Meaning, they say that they use your money for mining, but they lie, which clearly leads to wasting your money. However, this company is a truly safe option, counting about 300,000 users. It truly does what it is supposed to, thus can be trusted to.

Trio. Options

With three mining plans to choose from, at reasonable prices, you have a few options to choose what you need and want. Add to that the possibility of earning various coins and credit card payments and you can see why Genesis Mining is a number one cloud mining service. Thanks to all this, this company is ideal for both regular miners and big investors.

Four. Customer service

When it comes to customer service, Genesis Mining has indeed got your back. Their customer service is not only patient but they are ready to help you solve your problem te a brief time. You can either call them or send them an email. Also, there is a FAQ section on their webstek that has pretty much all the informatie someone needs to find out about this company and mining work, so maybe you won’t even need to call support. Speaking of that, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Is Genesis Mining profitable?

Genesis Mining team stiffly believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are utterly profitable, spil they are “the money of the future”. However, the risk always exists, so you should be cautious and wise.

Two. Can I have access to my mining spectacle?

Genesis Mining doesn’t give this informatie to their clients, but you can call support and see if they can help you out.

Trio. How much profit should I expect from my investment?

There is no right response to this question since cryptocurrencies mining depends to a fine extent on the prices spil well spil difficulties of the selected coins. Clearly, neither the prices strafgevangenis difficulties can be predicted.

Four. Why can’t I just buy the hardware and make a profit that way?

Of course, you can. However, do you indeed want to? There are many hidden costs related to the hardware such spil shipping costs, costs for extra equipment, setup, tens unit and of course maintenance.

Five. How much do I have to pay for maintenance?

You will find that information te your contract since the prices vary on the mining project you choose. But, ter general, the maintenance toverfee will voorkant electric current costs, maintenance work, hosting services and cooling.

6. What does “Affiliate Program” mean?

Ter order to learn more about this, please, go to this listig.

7. What about receiving my payouts?

You will receive them when a certain amount of payouts is accumulated. For that, check the ondergrens payout limit.

8. Is Genesis Mining legit?

Yes, they are. Except the fact they have bot working more than Trio years, this company also gives you a chance to see their gegevens centers, and learn more about them.

9. How can I learn more about this company?

You can go to their webstek, and go after their webinar on YouTube channel.

Ten. What payment methods do they accept?

Their payment methods are credit cards (Master Card and Visa) and cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it – everything you need to know about Genesis Mining. Being safe and effortless to use, this company is arguably the largest cloud mining company on the planet. Add to that enough options when it comes to mining plans, cryptocurrencies you can mine and payment methods, and you see why this is the best choice for anyone looking for reliable mining work.

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