How To Use Bitcoin To Buy Things From Anywhere

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When most people embark looking into Bitcoin spil an alternative currency, one of the very first questions they ask is – where can you spend bitcoins? Well the elementary reaction is that you can use Bitcoin for anywhere, for all of your shopping – including picking up groceries from your local mini-market. Shops do not need to accept Bitcoin directly (spil an enhancing number do) for you to be able to use your coins with them, spil long spil you have taken a few uur ter advance to be ready. Ter this article you will find four different ways to spend your coins pretty much anywhere. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages which I will attempt to make clear, but you should also do your own research to choose the method which suits you the best.

#1 Bitcoin Debit Cards

Fund a debit card from your Bitcoin wallet balance instead of your bankgebouw account!

Advantages: This is the easiest and most limber method for spending your coins te physical stores around the world. You can use them te any store which accepts regular credit or debit cards.

Disadvantages: There are fees to pay, and some services require you to convert your coins to fiat ter advance of making a payment.


ANXBTC – With relatively low fees, a range of global currencies and the capability to use your card at overheen 25 million ATMs worldwide spil well spil most retail stores, this card is well worth taking a look at.

BIT-X – With most of thesis debit cards you need to spend your Bitcoin te advance, to purchase a pre-paid balance te fiat. So they are indeed very similar to ordinary pre-paid debit cards, except that you can buy them using Bitoin. BIT-X is different – it will convert exactly the right amount of Bitcoin into fiat for each purchase, permitting you to keep your money te BTC until the ogenblik when you spend it ter any store or exchange it to withdraw fiat at any ATM.

#Two Bounty Cards

Purchase electronic or physical bounty cards using BTC, then spend them or give them spil gifts!

Advantages: You can Bitcoin cashback on your shopping through this method, and you may also be able to get discounts. Obviously they make good gifts too.

Disadvantages: You can usually only spend bounty cards ter a specific store, and you need to purchase them ter advance – committing yourself to spending a certain amount of money with that retailer.


Gyft: Use your coins to purchase electronic bounty cards for more than 200 major American retailers, and get 3% contant back ter Bitcoin on every purchase you make with them.

Bounty Off: For shoppers te the United Kingdom (UK) Bounty Off offers the capability to purchase bounty cards from almost 200 retailers using a broad range of digital currencies including Bitcoin.

#Three Use Bitcoin to Pay on Amazon and Other Sites

Use Bitcoin for your online shopping – even at sites which don’t accept it!

Advantages: You can get some truly fine discounts from some of the world’s top internet retailers using this method.

Disadvantages: Only works for making purchases at a limited range of internet retailers, and it can take a loterijlot longer to finish a purchase than it normally would.


Purse: Buy anything from and get a discount of 5-20%. It works by matching people who have bounty cards that they do not want with people who want to use Bitcoin to buy something from Amazon. Buyers get a nice discount on their shopping, whilst sellers get to offload their unspent bounty cards te come back for BTC.

BitCart – Discounts of up to 20% at Amazon and other online retailers. This is less well-known and seems a little less semi-transparent compared with Purse, but works with a much fatter range of stores.


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how can i get Bitcart or Purse?

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