Modern Finance Chain, a Public Blockchain Brainy Contract Verhoging

Bridging the cryptocurrency gap inbetween merchants and consumers.

+ a public blockchain brainy contract toneelpodium.

Time until Private Offerande is live:

MF Chain ICO Dates

Private Suggest: April 4th – April 25th

Presale: April 25th – May 15th

ICO: May 15th – June 15th

Our Vision

A digital economy where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency at their beloved merchants. A place where visionaries and creators can collaborate to launch innovative distributed applications te a world that relies on trustless transactions te any currency of their choice. A podium where developers are supported with multi-language compatibility and a library of brainy contracts designed to promote rapid development and deployment. An ecosystem that embraces all blockchains into a digital utopia.

MF Mainnet

Modern Finance Chain is helping the world adopt crypto spil a currency by creating a global digital economy. Commencing with a payment solution and prizes program for merchants and consumers that makes it effortless to embrace cryptocurrency payments.

The greater vision of Modern Finance Chain is the MF Mainnet with slim features.



Achieve government compliance when necessary with user-controlled privacy features


That permits ICO projects to accept any number of cryptocurrencies through live token generation events


Multi-language brainy contract programming with compilers for C++, C#, Java, Python, NodeJS &, Solidity


Enterprise level private blockchains that permit corporations to deploy proprietary code on private chains

ATOMIC Exchange

Cross-chain transactions without the need for a centralized exchange or third party authority


Prebuilt brainy contract library


An Innovation incubator that provides brilliant minds with resources to bring their ideas to life

ICO Informatie

Soft Cap

4500 ETH Minus Fund Raise

Hard Cap

33000 ETH ICO Cap

Contribution Cap

Minteken: 0.1 ETH

Private Offerande

3500 ETH

(28M Token Allocation)


5000 ETH

1 ETH = Ten,150 MFX

(36M Token Allocation)

24500 ETH

1 ETH = 8,500 MFX

(237M Token Allocation)


Multi-signature escrow is a way of locking funds allocated te the ICO until specific conditions are met. This method permits for a ensure to ICO contributors that certain development milestones ter the project are achieved. The team will not be able to spend the funds raised during the ICO until the obligations for development are fulfilled. 50% of ICO funds will be locked. 20% of the funds will be locked until the MF Chain Payment System is fully developed and released. 30% of the funds will be locked until the release and deployment of MF Mainnet.

This escrow rangschikking is treated directly on the blockchain through the MFX ICO brainy contract. Funds are distributed and locked accordingly, live for each ICO contribution transaction.

50% of the ICO funds will be used for the development and promotion of the project instantly following the ICO. The remaining 50% of funds are held ter two escrow wallets.

20% of the ICO funds will be frozen until the release of the MF Chain Payment System.

(requires escrow houtvezelplaat approval for release)

30% of the ICO funds will be frozen until utter release of the MF Chain Mainnet.

(requires escrow houtvezelplaat approval for release)

Verzekeringspremie SCHEDULE

10% Verzekeringspremie

Ten ETH Contribution

Contribute Ten or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 10% verzekeringspremie.

15% Toeslag

25 ETH Contribution

Contribute 25 or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 15% verzekeringspremie.

20% Premie

100 ETH Contribution

Contribute 100 or more Ether to the project and you will receive a 20% premie.


Devs &, Advisors -8% (40M)

Developer and Advisor tokens will be unlocked on a slow rolling quarterly release ending te Q2 2019

Prizes Pool – 16% (80M)

Prizes pool &, incentive program

Presale &, ICO – 57% (301M)

Maximum tokens available for public purchase

Innovation &,

marketing – 19% (100M)

Locked tokens to support future development, operations &, marketing


Our team is comprised of high level programmers, mathematicians, cryptographers, PhDs and pc scientists. You will find a partial list of our team below.

Wij are presently recruiting Ambassadors for our sensational brand management team. Think you have what it takes to join the Ambassador team?


Q4 2018 – Concept &, Discovery

R&,D blockchain options

Cryptocurrency market research

Fiat payment market research

Business project created

Team recruiting commences

Jan 2018 – Initial Business Rollout

Brainy contract development commences

Whitepaper very first draft

MVP Ui/Ux developed

Wire frames built out and approved

Consumer crypto payment solution MVP development embarks

Merchant backend console development embarks

Marketing project developed

Feb 2018 – Development Stage

Total development team working on numerous sprints

Consumer &, Merchant concentrate groups

Consumer &, Merchant surveys

March 2018 – Private Opoffering

Private sale opens

Crypto community surveys

Crypto community concentrate groups

Marketing campaign kick off

April 2018 – Pre ICO

BTC, ETH, MFC payments integration

Alpha software release

Beta testing merchants

Beta testing consumers

May 2018 – ICO

Initial Coin Suggesting

Live Token Generation Event

June 2018 – Payment Systems

Payment system integration

Sales process developed

Sales team building

Merchant processing roll out

July 2018 – Exchange

Live on exchange

Q3 2018

250 Merchants processing with MFC

Magento Cart Plugin

Zen Cart Plugin

Big Commerce Integration

Q4 2018

1000 Merchants processing with MFC

MFC stand alone POS hardware release

Q1 2019

Global payment system roll out

5000 Merchants processing with MFC

MFM Testnet deployed

Q2 2019

MF Mainnet deployed

MFM coin interchange (MFX token is exchanged for MFM coin at 1:1 ratio)

MFF token is issued (MFF will work spil an independent payment token on the MFM Blockchain)

What is MF Chain?

Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and merchants, MF Chain will build upon the value of zero merchant fees while suggesting innovative prizes for consumers and merchants. MF Chain is specifically designed to build value for all parties involved te merchant transactions. Wij are helping to build a digital economy where consumers will have the capability to buy products and services via any cryptocurrency. This is facilitated through the implementation of a collaborative toneel that includes app developers who will find a supportive environment with multi-language compatibility and a library of wise contracts available for deployment.

What is MF Mainnet?

MF Mainnet will be like no other blockchain, catapulting its capabilities directly into the stream of commerce and permitting ICO and dApp projects to tapkast directly into this wealth. With a dBFT/POS hybrid overeenstemming method, MF Mainnet will achieve overeenstemming with minimal energy consumption and ter an eco-friendly manner. Using an incentivized masternode suggesting, MFM will achieve decentralization with thousands of globally distributed knots.

Where is Modern Finance Based?

Wij have team members located across the globe and Modern Finance Chain is domiciled on the lovely island of Nevis te the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Why? Wij’re glad you asked. The Caribbean is a cryptocurrency hotspot with a rapidly growing and thriving crypto community. A ordinary Google search will help you find out more about Cryptocurrency te the Caribbean.

Is MFX a Security?

MFX token is not a security by common definition. Albeit the MFX token may have numerous use cases, by vormgeving MFX is a utility token used to facilitate a prizes program for merchants and consumers – much like the many very popular credit card prizes programs te existence today. MFX does not suggest ownership or shares ter any organization. MFX does not pay a dividend strafgevangenis does MFX offerande profit sharing of any kleintje whatsoever. MFX is not a speculation mechanism.

Why is the USA and China banned?

MF Chain serves with all local confinements and limitations. Wij don’t simply geobsedeerd only USA and China. There are several other countries that are banned such spil Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Congo, Cote d’ Ivoire, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe to name a few. Wij have determined to verbod certain regions based on various reasons ranging from government regulations to high risk terrorist regions. Thesis decisions are final and wij use the best technology available to restrict any contributions from thesis regions. If you attempt to participate te the Modern Finance Chain ICO from a banned region, you will receive a notice and your access will be restricted.

What is required for your KYC Process?

MF Chain requires KYC (Know Your Customer) process for all ICO participants.

ICO participants contributing Five or more ETH are required to submit a government ID with their KYC request. Participants contributing less than Five ETH will need to submit their name, geo location and email address to conduct a light KYC. All participants are screened against OFAC, PEP, PSFI, EU and Freeze Lists.


Copyright © 2018 MFCHAIN.

Viacheslav Shybaiev

Blockchain Lead

Blockchain Lead

Te addition to Viacheslav’s Master’s level degrees te Rekentuig Science, Business Management, and Business Administration, he has overheen 20 years of practice ter designing, developing, and supporting international enterprise IT initiatives and mobile solutions. Viacheslav’s is focused on creating business value through systemic process improvements via meteen collaboration with developers, operations, marketing, and sales. Extra areas of his expertise include blockchain development, product management, big gegevens, and software development.

Master of Science (M.S.) Pc science

Master of Science (M.S.) Business Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Benamara Oualid, PhD


Mathematician and Cryptographer

PhD te Mathematics with expertise ranging from algorithms and complexity theory to Matlab and cryptography. Benamara has worked on cryptanalysis projects which led him to developing advanced algorithms for cryptography and security.

Master of Laptop Applications (M.C.A.), Mathematics

Piers Lawrence, PhD

Applied Mathematician

Applied Mathematician

Dr. Piers holds a PhD ter Applied Mathematics where, during his Postdoctoral research, he focused on developing the linearization of matrix polynomials. Spil such Dr. Piers has made several breakthrough discoveries that significantly generalize and simplify a stability analysis. Furthermore, he has developed methods for the stable computation of the roots of polynomial equations voiced ter Hermite and Lagrange bases, spil well spil for barycentric rational interpolation.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Applied Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mathematics


Kat Campise, PhD

Gegevens Scientist

Gegevens Scientist

Kat is a full-time gegevens scientist and technical writer whose academic degrees incorporate a multitude of disciplines including pc science, journalism, and learning science. Hier professional practice is identically diverse and encompasses the worlds of education, fintech, machine learning/AI, and psychology. Hier doctoral research led hier to an invitation by Carnegie Mellon to help construct and test cognitive tutors which further intensified hier rente ter the field of machine learning and AI. She has written white papers, blogs, and articles for hundreds of clients ranging from petite tech begin ups to large, well-known industry leaders.

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