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I presently have 70tb and I’ve noticed that production is low. The drives scan te 93 seconds, and am mining at I have 15 4tb hard drives coming ter the mail, with plans to add 15+ hard drives vanaf month.

I am attempting to figure out if pool mining would be the best option, or perhaps switching to

I commenced mining bitcoins with movie cards years ago, so I understand that usually it will all even out, but I am not sure with Burst because I noticed that there are pools with thresholds on how much tb you can have, and others suggesting a ondergrens size.

Thank you te advance.

@caligiuri The only pool with an upper limit is the pool for mobile miners – so larger miners don’t go te and predominate.

The recommended ondergrens size is based on the longest deadline they accept. With 70TB you’ll have no problems with any of the pools.

Spil for pool/solo, spil you said, it works out about the same.

Overheen the long run, solo mining will have a better come back because there are no pool fees. That being said you’re variability is higher. That being said my solo equipment should be averaging about a block a day and I toevluchthaven’t klapper one ter Trio days. A few days before that, I had Trio blocks while I wasgoed sleeping that night. Spil long spil you don’t need the Burst right now solo will get you more.

@rds How many tb are you solo mining with?

@caligiuri , began at 20TB, 30TB now.

@caligiuri solominig will have the better comes back longterm! but it’s nerve wracking on bad days or even weeks!

just dont get used to your income on the fortunate days ,-)

However, you need to run a Wallet all the time and care for it!

Make shure that your time is ter sync, if your on Windows you can use Dimension4 for that and occasonally check that your not on a fork.

Check with the zakjapanner what your average vanaf Day should be (cur. 4278 [email protected]) and then grit your teeth and go for it!-)

You’r gona be very blessed on you fortunate days and realize that Burst is undoubtedly fair on your bad ones!

@nixxda I figured out that the rekentuig I wasgoed mining on wasgoed not optimal for having a loterijlot of hard drives fastened and therefore wasgoed causing the scan times to be to slow. After putting together a fresh equipment that scans the hard drives much swifter, I’ve bot able to get a gepast amount of burst everyday.

I will have to disagree that solo mining is more profitable overheen the long run. Unless you have a PB farm your comebacks will get lower overheen time. Ter other words less blocks. Ter solo mining its you vs everything else! Every time the network grows you tegenstander gets larger. The right pool with the right miners is always better.

I predict one day there wont be many solo miners (under 100TB) the competition will be too high. So if I wasgoed now solo mining I would embark looking for a place good for mij. Will it be a large pool with 600 miners or a smaller pool with 200 miners the choice is yours. People can say what they want but look where they are 6 months from now!

Renegade<,<,<,<, Is the place to mine!

@tross If the network keeps growing, yes of course. Someday it will not be more profitable anymore! But wij are not there yet! Also, there is very likely a ",line", somewhere, (below 30-40TB maybe) where it’s better to go for pool mining and profit from the big guys.

I’ve only made the calculation overheen weeks not months! And the result for solomining wasgoed always better. I did this a few times. And I still believe ter it! Even coming out of a very very ",dry", period which almost made mij turn!-)

The one thing which gets entirely lost however, is the social facet! Because all those pools with some big guys winning bloks regularly are a good place for beginning miners with only a few TB’s. And make it much more interesting to even embark mining!

@nixxda Now my question is, is it worth the hassle to do solomining? If I mine te a pool which takes a 2% toverfee that means every 100000 burst I mine, they take 2000. So a 2% toverfee truly is pretty low when I think about it. I’ve considered moving my equipment overheen to solomining, now that I have 100TB, I just get worried about the potential problems.

@caligiuri I will you my pool spil an example. I will have monthly burst bashes . That means 20k to 30k will be given out overheen a 24 hour period. 3k is thrown at the pool every Three hours! now with you being such a large miner you will take a good share. Its no brainer it wipes away all fees and then some.

Renegade<,<,<,<, Is the place to mine!

I will have to disagree that solo mining is more profitable overheen the long run. Unless you have a PB farm your comes back will get lower overheen time. Ter other words less blocks. Ter solo mining its you vs everything else! Every time the network grows you tegenstander gets larger. The right pool with the right miners is always better.

I am going to have to disagree with this. 🙂 You are making out here that a Pool Miner is te some way magically protected from Network growth? No-one be they Pool or Solo with a immovable number of TB is protected either from growth of the network or the Monthly block Prize reduction.

Ter terms of, is Pool or Solo best? spil others have said the prime difference is that a Solo Miner get’s the utter block prize with no Pool toverfee reduction. This, ter the long run, is the evident plus for solo..

However I suspect that it is other factors which will determine which is the ",best", for a Miner regardless of the number of TB he has. Thesis include.

The uptime of the Pool and how often it goes off on a Fork, relative to Solo they are an extra listig te the chain to go wrong. For the solo Miner they also need to ensure that their wallet is up and running and not on a Fork. Any forking or downtime makes a big dent te the earnings.

A more subtle difference is how swift is your scan time relative to the surplus of the Network? Spil a Solo Miner if you are very rapid this will mean that on a swift block you can sometimes ",steal", it from someone who might of had a better deadline but had not found it ter time.

Spil a Pool miner with a rapid scan time, you still get the Block Winner advantage plus a build up on every block regardless of whether the Block is won by the Pool or not. I ",think", this translates to a petite plus for Pool Mining if you have a quick scan time, however the converse is that if your scan time is slow then you will liberate out more.

Bottom line, spil everzwijn, is that how many TB you have is King and there is virtually nothing ter it. Main benefit of a Pool is that you feel part of a Team and that particularly for smaller Miners it liquidates a lotsbestemming of the prize Variance. 🙂

Who the heck said you are magically protected te a pool lol. I say strength te numbers is the way to go otherwise you would be solo mining now.

Renegade<,<,<,<, Is the place to mine!

@tross You said ",Unless you have a PB farm your comebacks will get lower overheen time", That sounds like magic to mij spil the size of you farm has no bearing on the reduction ter prize due to network size and time.

Why are you not solo mining?

Renegade<,<,<,<, Is the place to mine!

solo or pool, the prize is relative. The difference is negligible. The only way to tell it is to attempt it. Go solo for Trio months and pool for Three months to tell the difference. Or run two PCs, one solo mine and the other pool mine for Three months.

Wij offerande a dynamic perspective on your investments

Why are you not solo mining?

Because I choose being a part of a team, because I like the Display &, informatie I get on a Pool, because I don’t want the hassle of ensuring my wallet is not on a fork and because I think, but cannot prove, that if you have a quick Miner there is a benefit to being on a Pool, spil I have described above, that largely negates the pool toverfee. 🙂

The only benefit of a quick miner is to get all your TB read before next block. The DL are on the plot either you have the best one or you dont.

To offset fees I run a burst bash and next one is 30k burst. My pool has generated Five mil burst since August if you had stayed at my pool you would of got a big chunk of it. I invested most of what I earned back to the pool miners. I have spend overheen 100k burst with burst bashes and making manual payments when the system perverts out. What other pool would of done that for you? Heck you recall that day when all but my pool fell out for about 6 or 7 hours? Wij got around 60-70 blocks during that brief time. If you would of bot on houtvezelplaat there would of bot more. You would of loved those payouts! Them Ninja clones fall out fairly a bit but I am here 24/7 and am permanently checking status.

Renegade<,<,<,<, Is the place to mine!

The only benefit of a prompt miner is to get all your TB read before next block. The DL are on the plot either you have the best one or you dont.

This is too simplistic a view. The quicker you read your plots the greater the chance if you find a brief deadline that you will be the Block winner even if there is someone else, who given more time would have had a better Deadline than you.

Spil a Solo Miner this will win you more Blocks than the Average Miner. Spil a Pool Miner spil well spil that benefit it will also give you a greater share of the prize, relative to the others on the Pool every brief Block.

I cannot quantify the benefit, but I do know that overheen several months I have tracked my total prize and back calculated what that prize would have bot if mining Solo and have always bot better off on a Pool.

Could just be luck, or something I have not thought of, but I am sure that there is a significant benefit te having a Miner that reads the plots quicker than the average.

It’s not just do you get through all the plots ter the allotted time, but also can you do it quicker than most other people and hence get a greater share of the prize on the Brief Blocks.

Ter my opinion the only reason to mine te a pool is if you have 5TB or less plotted because it will take you about a week to klapper a block and that’s a long time to wait just to see if the thing works. I kasstuk one or two blocks a day mining solo with 50TB, so I see no reason to switch to a pool.

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