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Bad News Bears

Winter’s almost overheen, folks, and this week, the bears took notice by coming out of hibernation–in the cryptocurrency market, at least. Prices rose strongly te the very first half of the week, with coins testing their all-time highs since the January-February crash, but buying power took a turn for the worse ter the latter half of the week. Just spil prices looked like they might pauze their previous resistance levels, they bounced downward. Amidst media fanfare of regulatory worries and Mt. Gox crashing the market (again), coins across the houtvezelplaat dropped their furthest overheen the week te the last 48 hours.

Bitcoin: Incapable to maintain or transcend a price overheen $11,500 te the middle of the week, Bitcoin’s price loss has (unsurprisingly) mirrored the market’s own. At $8720 during the time of this writing, it’s down 19% on the week.

Ethereum: Crypto’s #Two is doing even worse. After observing static price activity and a stable chart for most of the week, it’s presently trading at $685. That’s a 20% klapper from the $865 it sported at the beginning of the week.

Ripple: With rumors of Ripple’s imminent Coinbase listing, XRP rose to $1.08 after embarking its week out at $0.90. With the market turning and Coinbase muffling the chatter overheen adding fresh currencies, it’s down 11% on the week–but hey, that’s at least half better than BTC/ETH.

Honorable Mentions

Even if only by a few percentage points, S/O to those assets that are still green, namely: Bitcore Aeternity, Loopring, HShare, SingularityNET, SmartCash, and Ethos

Domestic News

Twitter Scammers Are Impersonating Famous People to Steal Your Crypto: Just like with the Nigerian Prince , if it sounds too good to be true, it’s most likely a scam. What’s happening is people are sending crypto to addresses they believe to be wielded by high profile figures like Elon Musk who promise to give them much more back. Some of you may be thinking “wow, who would everzwijn fall for this?”. Evidently, a loterijlot of people: so many that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin switched his username to “No I’m not providing away ETH”.

No, I’m not providing away ETH.

— Vitalik “No I’m not providing away ETH” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) March Four, 2018

Unregulated Exchanges Can Do Anything With Money Says SEC: Ter a warning to investors, the SEC said: “many platforms refer to themselves spil ‘exchanges’, which can give the misimpression to investors that they are regulated or meet the regulatory standards of a national securities exchange”. Even tho’ some exchanges have their own rules te place, the SEC cannot ensure the safety of your coins.

Co-founder of Uber is Launching His Own Cryptocurrency: Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and founder of the accelerator/venture fund Expa, named the cryptocurrency “Eco”. Camp hopes the coin will be used spil a global currency used te the transaction of everyday payments. 50% of the initial one trillion tokens it issues will be given to the very first 1 billion users who sign up .

Hackers Walked Away with $1.Two Billion ter Bitcoin and Ether This Decade: This is why people are always telling you to keep your crypto off exchanges. According to global director of fintech strategy at Autonomous Research LLP Lex Sokolin, “it looks like crypto hacking is a $200 million annual revenue industry”. According to him, hackers have jeopardized more than 14% of the Bitcoin and Ether supply. Being that blockchain is such a fresh technology, the industry hasn’t had time to solve vulnerabilities and blockchain could potentially be more defenseless than previously imagined.

JP Morgan Gets ter the Spel with Crypto Report for Asset Managers: On its webstek, institutional banking goliath JP Morgan published an official report on the benefits blockchain brings to the financial and business sectors. Targeted towards asset managers, it calls blockchain “the real overeenkomst,” implores financial bigwigs to get off the sidelines, and projects the future of blockchain adoption by touting its potential influence on legacy organizations.

If You Can Cough Up the Specie, Coinbase Has a Crypto Index Fund Ready to Take It: Earlier this week, Coinbase–perhaps the world’s most popular place to buy and sell popular coins for cash–announced that it would be establishing its own cryptocurrency index fund. Heralded spil the Dow Jones of crypto, the Coinbase Index Fund will consist of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Specie, and Litecoin, and will be open only to accredited investors. Calling it the Dow Jones of crypto may be a bit embellishing. Sure, it’s the very first index fund from one of crypto’s big boys, but the Dow Jones is open to all investors and includes an average 30 stocks at a given time, not Four.

Real Estate on the Blockchain? It’s Real, Alright, and It’s Happening ter Vermont: The very first everzwijn blockchain-driven real estate transaction took place this past Thursday te South Burlington, VT. The transaction took place thanks to Propy Inc. , a blockchain real estate company that the city partnered with back te January. Sources close to the business overeenkomst championed that transaction and South Burlington’s initiative to oversee it, branding that city spil a “global blockchain leader.”

Fresh York Federal Judge: Cryptocurrencies are Commodities: US District Judge Jack Weinstein validated this week what the CFTC has bot telling since 2015: crypto is a commodity. The NY State judge made the landmark ruling on Tuesday, and it will permit the CFTC to proceed its lawsuit against Patrick McDonnell and Coin Market Drops for fraud.

What’s Fresh at CoinCentral?

“Blockchain is the Real Deal”: JP Morgan unveils a report on crypto’s economic advantages, serving spil a physical wilsbeschikking to the enhanced rente te blockchain and cryptocurrencies we’ve seen overheen the past year.

What is Enigma: Enigma promising privacy and scalability, it’s zonderling to come across such a unique project with a dedicated, vetted team striving to make conception a reality.

What is SmartCash (Wise)?: SmartCash is a project that’s all-in on open governance. It’s especially attractive for those who are interested ter privacy, transparency, and decentralization at all costs.

What is Streamr DATAcoin?: Find out how this project could provide an alternative hub for gegevens monetization that competes with current cloud-base, centralized models.

Coinbase Poised to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency Index Fund: Now, they’ll be suggesting customers what amounts to the Dow Jones or the S&,P 500 of crypto assets: the Coinbase Index Fund.

What is Reddcoin (RDD)?: Imagine being paid te crypto for your FB postbode, and being able to trade it for products, bounty cards, and other items. Welcome to Reddcoin.

What is ZenCash (ZEN)?: Learn why ZenCash is a true leader not only te privacy but with governance, economic incentives, and sheer engineering ingenuity.

What is Dogezer (DGZ)?: Te this beginner’s guide, find out how Dogezar created a toneelpodium to leverage network effects to the benefit of the creators and early adopters of fresh software.

Who is John McAfee: Bold, Bizarre, and Bullish on Bitcoin: Dangerous. Paranoid. Eccentric. Bullish on Bitcoin.Thesis are a few words that speelgoedpop up ter a quick search for John McAfee – a bold series of adjectives for a laptop programmer and founder of a software company.

What is Zcoin?: Zcoin utilizes the Zerocoin protocol to provide anonymous transactions te a unique scalable way. The protocol, originally intended to be an extension of Bitcoin, permits you to send coins with no transaction history.

Decred Unveils 2018 Roadmap: The Decred team is working on some pretty cool projects, and unveiled plans for decentralized exchanges, privacy features, &, more.

DeepBrain Chain CEO Discusses Blockchain’s Role te the Future of AI: Why artificial intelligence on the blockchain? DeepBrain Chain’s CEO discusses the topic.

What is Byteball (GBYTE)?: Learn more about how Byteball aims to solve many of the problems that have impeded the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

What is BitBay (BAY)? : BitBay is a free, decentralized marketplace for buying and selling goods and services on the blockchain. You can connect directly with peers and transact without the need for a middleman like Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist.

Cryptocurrency News from Around the World

Japanese Regulators are Cracking Down &, Suspending Some Exchanges: The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) “will smack administrative penalty notices on several cryptocurrency exchanges” and force some to halt their business. The stir comes after the FSA exposed pitfalls ter the various exchanges anti-money laundering and customer protection measures during on-site checks.

Venezuelan Legislators Deem the Petro Unlawful: Venezuela’s National Assembly, a bod of politicians that often opposes the policies of Voorzitter Nicolas Maduro, announced Tuesday that the Petro is unconstitutional. The group accuses the Petro spil being just another way for the omkoopbaar government to embezzle money, and that it will not help the Venezuelans out their economic crises. Instead, it will worsen the economy and give false hope to a nation under Maduro, who spun the idea of the Petro “from a web of lies”.

The Chinese Gov. is Censoring Crypto Exchanges Social Media Accounts: It looks like the Chinese government will proceed its brutal fight against cryptocurrency. Social media accounts like those of global exchange OKEx on China’s main social messaging app WeChat have already bot blocked. When you attempt to go to previous linksom posted by the exchange, a message states that “the toneelpodium may have violated relevant laws and regulations after being reviewed vanaf users’ complaints. The account is presently blocked and content is not available.”

Binace Users Have Accounts Phished, Bots Sell Alts for Viacoin: This Wednesday, Binance users complained that the exchange had forcefully sold their altcoins, converting them to Bitcoin only to purchase the obscure Viacoin off the webpagina. After doing some digging, the Binance team discovered that afflicted users had bot subjects of a phishing attack wherein the hacker downloaded trading bots on their profiles, converted funds to Bitcoin, and then used that Bitcoin the purchase and pump Viacoin. Fortunately, Binance’s attent triggers caught the scam and suspended withdrawals before the hacker(s) could withdraw their inflated sperzieboon. The clever scam goes to display that hackers are ramping up their spel, but it also proves that Binance, one of the world’s most popular exchanges, is worth its salt.

At Just 22-Years-Old, the German IOTA Founder Is Just Getting Commenced: Harshly 50 people work under the leadership of Dominik Schiener, who’s bot living ter Berlin since 2016. Expanding to more territories soon including Toronto, Oslo, Taiwan, and Tokyo, the project holds more than 300 million Euros te reserves to fund the project, all of which were donated by users. Networking from the German capital, IOTA already has companies like Volkswagen leaping on houtvezelplaat with the project.

Thieves on the Hot Seat spil Iceland Police Hechtenis 11 Suspected te Mining Hardware Heist: Huis to cheap, renewable energy and a cold, mining-favorable climate, Iceland has become a popular country for cryptocurrency miners to set up shop. A good place to commence, until some ne’er-do-wells determine to filch 600 chunks of mining hardware (computers, processors, etc.) valued at harshly $2mln. The four separate burglaries took place inbetween December and January, and the Icelandic police have apprehended 11 suspects whom they believe to be culprits te the crime.

Four Years Liquidated from Mt.Gox and Investors are Still Getting Dumped On (Literally): Anger, disgust, sadness, pity, fear: all sentiments the mention of Mt. Gox might stir up, especially for individuals who lived through the event that threw crypto into a 2-year-long winter te 2014. Well low and behold, the aftermath is still causing a toneel. Reports earlier this week suggest that much of the bearish price activity te the market recently may be attributed to Nobuaki Kobayashi, one of the now-defunct exchange’s trustees, selling 35,000 BTC and 34,000 BCH to sate the Mt. Gox’s debt with creditors. The funds were sold-off inbetween December and February, and they accounted for harshly $400mln ter total trades.

Crypto Goes Pedagogical: Cryptocurrency Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: The popular dictionary exposed te a blog postbode earlier this week that, among 850 fresh additions to their definitions this March, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and initial coin suggesting were added to the list. Emily Brewster, an associate editor at Merriam-Webster, explained the organization’s rationale te a press release: “In order for a word to be added to the dictionary it vereiste have widespread, sustained, and meaningful use. Thesis fresh words have bot added to the dictionary because they have become established members of the English language, and are terms people are likely to encounter.”

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