Whalesburg is a One-Stop Solution for Cryptocurrency Miners

Dear Whalesburg Community!

A lotsbestemming of questions have appeared lately asking what the difference is inbetween Whalesburg and other well-known players ter the space like NiceHash, ethOS, and Mining Pool Hub. The plain reaction is that while other players each concentrate on a single facet of miner’s needs, Whalesburg offers a one-stop solution for all of the ingewikkeld needs today’s miners face.

Ter the diagram below, each of the five leaves represents one component of what it takes for miner’s to be the most successful:

Whalesburg — at the center — gives miners, for the very first time, all five of thesis essential implements te one package that brings security, exceptional user practice, and out-of-the-box scalability for enterprise level miners.

Let’s go through each of the five leaves and compare how Whalesburg stacks up to the competition:

1. Operating System

Two popular providers te this space are nvOC and ethOS. Both of them force all users to be Linux experts — lack of graphic interface without the functionality for large-scale operations. Whalesburg has a clear edge overheen the competition with a next generation OS that has the following advantages:

  • Real-time integration with Whalesburg cloud.
  • Large-scale and remote monitoring, managing, and rebooting of your equipments.

This is a voorwaarde for a farm fatter than ten units. Whalesburg will let you babysit your hardware, even from the beach.

  • Detailed financial reports builder.
  • Wij consider miners spil investors, you invest te hardware, you calculate comes back, you expect profits. Whalesburg OS will have a module for professional financial reporting, permitting you to include exactly the gegevens you want.

  • Remotely edit the configuration.
  • The very very first step ter troubleshooting is to know that the problem has occured. For miners this should be a vereiste te every software solution, but sadly it’s not. Whalesburg is going to set a fresh standard by sending you notifications te case of failures or for predefined events.

    Two. Whalesburg Mining Pool

    The volatility of cryptocurrency markets and high costs of setup are the main reasons miners join pools. While today’s mining pools traditionally concentrate on a single coin, Whalesburg will permanently integrate numerous coins from numerous algorithms. Today it has three Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrencies based on EtHash algoritm — Ellaism, Pirl, and Expanse. This has the effect of enlargening stability of mining.

    For example last month mining PIRL — a relatively fresh coin — wasgoed up to 14% more profitable than mining Ethereum. Miners typically vereiste go after the news closely ter order to take advantage of such opportunities but Whalesburg lets you do it automatically.

    Ter addition, Whalesburg Payouts Manager will offerande the convenient option of automatically converting mined cryptocurrency to fiat currency or BTC. The current version of Whalesburg MVP converts all the mined coins into ETH.

    Three. Monitoring Contraption

    By storing all the statistics about your hardware te the cloud te real-time, Whalesburg will enable a big range of features including one-click large-scale overclocking, troubleshooting, shove notifications, income reporting, and forecasting.

    Four. Profit-Switching Solution

    Whalesburg has a profit switching algorithm that automatically protects you from price drops. It analyzes every coin’s parameters to see the profitability reports tailored to your hardware setup. The decision is then made to instantly switch your hash rate, automatically!

    Whalesburg’s Profit-Switching Solution Advantages Are:

    • Semitransparent pool shares and fees, stored ter a blockchain.
    • Financial reports using real-time gegevens.
    • Better technology

    Whalesburg is coded using Go and Ruby languages. This grants more security and stability.

  • Wise profit-switching.
  • Whalesburg OS and Whalesburg Brainy Pool together will detect the most profitable algorithm and coin depending on your hardware.

  • Elementary setup.
  • Whalesburg’s Profit Switching Solution is NOT a Crypto-Mining Marketplace

    Beginner miners think of NiceHash spil a mining pool with profit-switching algorithms. It is not. Regarding the profits, any other mining pool is much more profitable for miners to use than NiceNash. Since Whalesburg is a multicurrency mining pool with profit switching solution — it’s miners will receive significantly more profits than with NiceHash. This is because buyers of hash rate have to make some profits when they buy your hash rate, so when you use NiceHash you receive less profit than you could be.

    Please, do your own research on this topic.

    Five. Overclocking Implement

    The segment leader, Afterburner, is awesome, but it is not volmaakt. For one or two equipments with Windows installed Afterburner is sufficient, but when you overeenkomst with Ten+ units it becomes very time-consuming. A large-scale overclocking solution is needed and Whalesburg will integrate exactly that, the final lump of a finish one-stop solution for today’s miners. Imagine a Linux based toneelpodium which will use real-time gegevens from the mining pool and hardware monitoring to perform its workflow. It will track every metric to predict failures, and notify the investor both when something goes very wrong or very well.

    Whalesburg’s Overclocking Instruments Advantages Are:

    • Whalesburg is a database of configuration setups.

    It includes firmwares, driver versions for your setup, feedbacks of other miners, and recommendations.

  • Remote large-scale overclocking.
  • Linux GUI.
  • There is no graphical interface for such operations by any player ter the space thus far.

  • Remote one-click configuration.
  • Whalesburg will be a monitoring toneel.
  • All the other monitoring solutions cost extra money depending on your equipment numbers. There are SaaS or Windows programs but they offerande only a limited amount of supported devices.

    Summary of Whalesburg’s Key Advantages:

    • User-friendly graphical interface on Linux.
    • Uses Whalesburg cloud to store statistics.
    • Does not waste time switching inbetween pools, uses one entry point all the time.
    • Enterprise-ready solution, has no boundaries to hardware numbers.
    • Leave behind about manual setup! Whalesburg detects hardware automatically.

    Whalesburg is the next generation of cryptocurrency mining and wij are blessed to have you on houtvezelplaat. If you have any questions — please, ask them ter our community talk: https://t.mij/whalesburg. Wij will discuss them together and take suggestions for how to make our solution even better.

    Wij hope this article provides an overview of what Whalesburg is. More detailed descriptions of each module will go after soon.

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